Prime Reactions Review – Avengers Infinity War (No Spoilers)

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Prime Reactions Review – Big Hero 6

Welcome to another Prime Reactions post where I give thoughts on newly released movies. Seeing how I did the first episode of The Flash for my last Prime Reactions, let’s get back to what these were intended for. This time I’ll be giving my thoughts on Big Hero 6. Keep in mind that I’ll be trying to keep spoilers to a minimum or be as vague as possible about everything.
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Prime Reactions Review – Guardians of the Galaxy

I know it’s been a few weeks without me posting but I’m back and hopefully the posts will be too. Finally going to make a post not about building toys.

This will be my first Prime Reactions post. A segment where I give thoughts on a newly released movie. More than likely they’ll involve superhero movies as they’re a big thing now but I may write about animated films as well. It’s been a few days since I’ve seen it but I wanted to give some thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy.  Keep in mind that with any Prime Reactions posts,  there may be spoilers as they’ll be covering new movies. I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

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