Prime Reactions Review – The Lego Ninjago Movie

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Prime Reactions Review – The Lego Batman Movie

Red Hood: Can I be in the movie?

Lego Batman: Only if you wear this, have no lines, and I get to punch you out to make me look good.

Red Hood: …Fine.
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There D Hood’s Christmas Special Comes to an End (Custom Lego Red Hood Review)

Welcome to the final post of my “Christmas” spectravaganza specialtacular. I know it’s long overdue. I apologize for thinking I could pull it off when I first announced this series of posts with none of the reviews done yet. Probably won’t happen again. Now, let’s take a look at what’s in the mystery box.

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Complaint Department – Lego Super Heroes: Epilogue, 2015, and BootLego Heath Ledger Joker

Welcome to the last part of my first Complaint Department. I’ll be giving my thoughts on the upcoming Super Heroes sets for 2015. I’ll also be looking at a bootlego Heath Ledger Joker to show you the differences and give you an idea of what you’d be getting should you want one.


And here we… go.

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Complaint Department – Lego Super Heroes Part Three: Bootlegos and Customs

Bootlegs have always been around for any popular toy but they’ve blown up recently with Lego’s licensed themes like Superheroes. You can’t search for a figure from the Superhero line on Ebay without running into bootlegs. This has become quite a talking point that has fans divided. We’re going to look at some of the reactions to these fakes popping up, the pros and cons (though these fakes really shouldn’t exist at all), and my thoughts as well. Also, my last two posts will tie into this one so please check those out if you haven’t.

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Complaint Department – Lego Super Heroes Part Two: Comic-Con Exclusive Figures

Welcome to part two of this Complaint Department regarding the Lego Super Heroes line. This time we’re taking a look at Lego’s exclusive figures. Or let’s just narrow it down to those given out at San Diego Comic-Con. They’ve been doing this for years and most don’t understand why. For many reasons this is giving Lego a lot of negative press. All part of the plan to get people talking or do they just like making people who give them money mad?


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Complaint Department – Lego Super Heroes Part One: Character Variety

Welcome to the Complaint Department. This is where I talk about aspects of a brand or company that just make me go:

Wait...What Are You Doing

I believe in complaining with a greater purpose. I want things to be better. I don’t want to hate things I watch or buy but when we’re given a poorly made product or piece of media, should we not say what was wrong and hope companies will evolve and challenge themselves to do better? I think so. Is it going to happen?


Another post about building toys? You bet. I promise that after this bunch the next one will absolutely not be about building toys. These will cover a lot of what I think about the Lego Super Heroes theme. What’s lame about collecting it, aspects that do nothing but make the majority mad, and what some fans have resorted to in response to Lego’s inaction or incompetence. I could go on forever which I’m sure some of you will feel I did but instead I separated my thoughts into four parts. Each part ties into the last so I hope you stick around.

This one will focus on character diversity and how some characters are treated when put in a Lego set(s).
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