Digimon Adventure tri. Post-Determination Joke Roundup

Wasn’t entirely sure we were getting it today, but sure enough Crunchyroll once again delivers a day before announcement about airing tri. the next day.

Because I’m petty and like picking on tri., I’ve collected some jokes I’ve made about tri. since the last installment before I watch the new one. Scattered across my Tumblr and Twitter, these were never posted here. Were it not for my laziness in editing the images, I had more creative ones planned, but tri. will never stop giving me material to work with so expect those and more some day.

Here we go!

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Things to Come – Dragon Ball Super & Digimon Adventure tri.

It’s been a while since the news broke but I still felt the need to cover these two. And by cover I mean complain. Normally I’d file this to the Complaint Department but I’d rather make a new category. Things to Come are for things… coming out. Not really a review, but more looking at accumulated news for future releases.

Things to Come
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