Hello and welcome to There D Hood Reviews, your 273rd (or lower) choice for reviews of media, lesser known toys, and card games.

I do what I do because I find criticism fun. Bad products should be called out just as good products should be praised.

When it comes to toys and card games, I try to review ones that aren’t widely covered or brands that need more attention. You should have a good idea from my posts what I may cover. Feel free to request something for review if there’s something you’d like my opinion on.


1. Why does your site look so plain and uninspired?

This is my web design guy.

And yes, this site is the reason that line didn’t make it into Amazing Spider-Man 2.


2. Why are you so mean to (insert media title/toy here)?

It was bad so I was bad back.


3. When are you going to review (insert media title/toy here)?

I don’t know. When are you going to ask me to?


4. Favorite Christmas movie?

Iron Man 3…?


5. How internet-famous are you?

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

There D Hood.

There D Hood Who?

That’s how internet-famous I am.


I hope you enjoy and find what I write to be helpful and/or think-producing. If you don’t and end up mad or offended, the line starts over there.

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