Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 (Universe Survival Arc)

Are you seriously STILL using that footage of the female God of Destruction sticking her hand out?

Goku defeating that girl in base is just annoying writing.

Not sure why the fat one had to retreat. What was she tired from? Something I forgot to mention last time. To justify bad comedy, she’s too unappealing for Vegeta to fight, but Android 19 wasn’t?

I’m glad Pooh Bear’s finally out. Didn’t think Gohan’s tactic would be so underwhelming, but okay.

That must be some scrub if the Yardrat guy took him out.

Yay, Hellzone Grenade!

Farewell, Gowasu…

This was two more minutes of tournament time. 37 left…

That’s another huge spoiler they incompetently stuck in the preview. They’re bringing Super Saiyan God back. Why? How? There’s no way they have the time to do the ritual even if they have exactly enough Saiyans to do it. Eh, I’m sure Goku was just “holding it back”.

The episode wasn’t bad, but nothing really stood out nor was there anything that made me mad. It’s just more fodder removal. Next week is more in line with what the tournament should’ve been if we didn’t have to go through mooks. I bet many are excited about Goku and Hit working together. I hope this gets resolved in one episode so we can get more Piccolo, 18, etc.


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