Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 102 (Universe Survival Arc)

I’m sure a lot of people were looking forward to these magical girl characters and I’m sure Toei loved showing them off considering they make Pretty Cure, but I think 17’s the MVP here for trying to blow them up mid-stock footage. At least there’s a twist by turning one of them into… whatever she is, but it’s otherwise just ripping off concept. Good on 17 for taking this seriously while everyone else is “comedically” padding out the episode. This took up a third of the runtime… But I guess the counters to what I’m saying are “It’s Goku. So shut up.” and “It’s okay that it’s bad because it’s parody!” Too bad 17 didn’t outright eliminate them with that blast. I bet he could’ve if he wanted.

Cripes, how much reused footage is in this episode…? I’m sick of that female Destruction God sticking her left hand out. What a horrendous third of an episode.

Finally, another elimination from someone outside of universe 6/7.

Gee, another opponent Goku isn’t turning at least Super Saiyan against rendering this fight tensionless.

Last week 18 had enough justice. This week Beerus had enough love.

Hey, countdown’s back with 39 minutes for under 50 fighters.

I thought Frieza would’ve had more to do this episode. I also thought Vegeta was going to fight the fat one. She better not defeat 17… Also, they finally revealed that universe 6 has two Namekians. Why this was hidden in the first place I couldn’t tell you.

Looking forward to some Gohan next week.


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