Prime Reactions – Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 (Universe Survival Arc)

I could belabor this point, but I’ll keep it short. When Saiyans don’t transform, 0 tension, little interest. There was no reason Caulifla didn’t transform before she actually did. And with how easily 18 handled the heavy guy, base Goku should’ve had no problem let alone any of his transformations. You’d think the Pride Troopers would be more competent than average fodder.

Goku’s all “Don’t mind me. I’m just going to dig through the toughest material in all universes in my base form.”

I guess I called it that Kale can turn at least Super Saiyan? But she has to rely on Legendary anyway… Let’s keep handing out more things and let her control Legendary for no reason except she needs to. Yeah, she gets tired as a drawback, but she already got tired last time. This is all happening within seconds/minutes which is just unbelievable.

18 was probably the most entertaining thing about the episode. She threw the heavy guy with 0 effort which seemed like bs considering Goku had so much trouble with him. I assume he was still heavy, otherwise his attack seems lackluster. Plus his heaviness may have broken the ring’s edge. Then she picked up and ringed out A DIMENSION.


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