Prime Reactions – Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 (Universe Survival Arc)

I hate Champa. He’s borderline more annoying than Beerus. At least Beerus wastes enough screentime to show what little character he has besides eating. Champa’s just a jerk with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Wait… that’s all you did with the Yardrat guy? What a disappointment. Yeah, he used Instant Transmission, but are all citizens of Yardrat one-trick ponies like that? He was really worth recruiting for whatever scrub universe that was? It seems he used Instant Transmission to avoid a ring out, but this was not an impressive first showing.

So I get why they wanted Caulifla to fight Goku, but I’d rather she fight someone else from 7. It’s not interesting at all seeing two Super Saiyan 2s fight especially when Goku could knock her out instantly if he wanted to. I get it. He’s Goku. It’s still stupid.

Of course the Broly girl has to hate Kakarot too… References!

Goku really went Blue against Kale? Super Saiyan 3 wasn’t enough? I don’t know Kale’s power level when all she did previously was beat on Cabba a little. I find it very hard to believe she’s THAT strong other than because the writers want her to be. It’s a real stretch for a Legendary Super Saiyan, especially someone like Kale to be a match for Blue even in that form. Goku who was so focused on conserving energy fired a Kamehameha at her and it did nothing… Or was it a reference to Broly taking a Kamehameha from Goku? Oh wait, when something like this happens it must be Goku “holding back” again. Yeah, I know you can’t kill here. Goku can’t figure out how much power to put in to not kill someone? He’s going to transform all the way to Blue just so he can hold back?

Jiren finally did something. I’m very surprised that Kale wasn’t ringed out right there. Did Jiren miss? Clearly they still want to do something with her. I’m guessing she turns into a real Super Saiyan/2 at some point which is irrelevant but what else are they going to do? Having her freak out again isn’t very exciting unless they want Vegeta to have a shot at that form. Or… will they hand her God/Blue?

Kale is shown to be no match for Jiren, but I’m supposed to believe that at some point Goku’s going to stand a chance against him after the Kamehameha scene? Can’t wait for the bs they’ll write to make that happen.

At least 17 and 18 are fighting together next time.That might be worth seeing.


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