Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 99 (Universe Survival Arc)

As short-lived Krillin fighting with 18 was, I’m glad we took a break from Goku. I liked her genuinely happy smile.

However, defeating someone by activating these cards

was really lame and awful. It’s funny if you’re three years old which might be the point but really now… Why are Krillin’s shoes THAT smelly? I saw the stink lines and everything. This is similar to Krillin’s fight with Bacterian in Dragon Ball but that was funny because you never expected the fact that Krillin’s design lacking a nose would ever factor into anything. I didn’t see smelly shoes coming, but it wasn’t an obvious fact made obvious by the joke like Krillin being noseless. It came out of nowhere. Aren’t weapons forbidden? I almost want to argue that Krillin should be disqualified for bringing such a dangerous weapon. If he didn’t get knocked out, he’s still got one of those suckers left!

OF COURSE Krillin was the first of universe 7 to lose and he had to go in such an embarassing way… I should be surprised, but I wish I wasn’t. They really hyped him up strategy-wise. Guess his Spider-Sense wasn’t properly developed like new Spidey’s. How did neither 18 see Frost coming or Krillin feel Frost coming? I was hoping this would lead to 18 fighting Frost one on one to avenge Krillin but Frost just up and leaves…

Back with the countdown clock and we have 43 minutes left. Better than one minute every episode I suppose.

I’m kind of looking forward to next week’s. Caulifla reacting excitedly to Goku looks like fun.


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