Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 97 (Universe Survival Arc)

I guess I should change this now that they’ve added Frieza to everything.

Well, a whole lot of nothing happened this episode. I can’t complain because it’s the nature of a battle royale. At least for this episode, it’s too unfocused. I prefer the one on one fights of other tournament arcs which until more trash fighters get knocked out won’t be happening for a while. I honestly expected more than two trash fighters to lose in this episode.

I like that Piccolo used Special Beam Cannon instantly. Granted, it seemed to be a weak one from not charging it, but I don’t know if I’ve seen him use it this quickly in any show.

I was irritated that Goku didn’t transform immediately, especially to get out of that hold. Yeah, he gave the bad writing excuse of “saving power”, but this is Dragon Ball Z. Forget that. I mean, you were going to lose and you’d only transform for an instant considering you’re sticking with your base form to fight trash fighters.

Since the tournament actually started, only a minute has passed. I kind of wish they wouldn’t do a countdown clock because we could be here a while and there’s no point to it. It just proves how dragged out this will be despite being 48 minutes in-show. The way they did the countdowns in the recruitment arc, I couldn’t believe some of those events happened in the time frame given. The whole Krillin episode including transportation was one hour? Come on now…

The preview looks like more of the same but involves Vegeta.


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