Prime Reactions Review – Despicable Me 3

It’s fluffy, but I didn’t die…

Bit of history: I liked the first Despicable Me. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking or spectacular, but it was enjoyable and not a bad watch even today. I don’t remember much from the second one except El Macho dying in the most macho way possible. It was very mediocre and the three girls did nothing but exist. I didn’t watch Minions.

This movie felt so disjointed. It had too many things going on and most of them were handled too fast with no care and/or done because certain characters need something to do. It felt like the second one with its numerous subplots. The Minions once again have nothing to do with anything and they cut to them just to cut to them. This wouldn’t have hit 90 minutes without all the other characters doing their own thing independent of Gru. Really, if a scene has no Gru, it’s padding. The girls and to some extent Lucy are irrelevant, but exist so they need to be in the movie. I prefer if all the focus was on Gru unless they can incorporate all the side characters properly.

Dru felt really mishandled but I suppose with how they ended this film, they had to give him no development whatsoever and have him learn nothing. I was thinking that while Gru had some fun doing the villain thing again, he’d try and show Dru the benefits of doing good. That’s not what happens. Dru was there for slapstick and comedy.

Trey Parker’s character was fun and I enjoyed the 80s references that surrounded his character. There’s some laughs to be had there. The movie certainly deserves an extra point for him alone.

Ultimate Reflections:
I can’t say I hated the movie but it’s really not a good one nor does it take the Despicable Me franchise anywhere new. I mean, when you have to resort to a twin brother plot… It wasn’t a hard watch at 90 minutes, but I don’t know if I’d be watching it again any time soon. I can’t say I’d recommend it. It might be fine to put it in front of your kids. They’d have a good time but there’s better things to show them. I give this a 5-6/10.


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