Wish Factory Cube Heads Headz Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugioh Series 1 Blind Bag Review

This is among the numerous blind items based on nostalgic properties that have recently surfaced. Within those, this might be the only blind Yu-Gi-Oh! thing I’ve seen. I’m not too familiar with this company’s products, but I’m aware of Kawaii Cubes. I usually prefer full body character trinkets, but I figured I’d give these a try to support getting more Yu-Gi-Oh! things that aren’t cards.

The back of the bag reveals that there are twelve different styles with four of them being “exclusive mystery styles”. The ones we can see are:

– Seto Kaiba
– Atem/Yami Yugi
– Dark Magician Girl
– Time Wizard
– Rocket Warrior
– Dark Magician
– Mystical Elf
– Kuriboh

Not a huge fan of there being so many mystery ones as I stopped buying after I got the Dark Magician duo. Without knowing who the rest are, I didn’t want to take the plunge. I’d be surprised if Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes were included because you’d think them being front and center would sell the product better than them being mysteries. Rocket Warrior was a weird choice. If Red-Eyes wasn’t an option, Flame Swordsman, Baby Dragon, or even Jinzo would be better choices for Joey monsters. Then again, we have Joey monsters but no revealed Joey. We have Kaiba but zero revealed Kaiba monsters. To be fair, his non-Blue-Eyes guys aren’t very cute/marketable.

As for the Cube Heads themselves, the details aren’t printed on. There’s texture and you can feel every detail since they’re molded (?) in. I like that. Best way I can describe it is you can stick your nail into each line of detail. Unfortunately, the artwork of these clips on the bag look a lot better than the actual thing.

Dark Magician’s nose makes him look like a character from one of those stop motion movies. Can’t recall one right now. I didn’t think the nose would look so big based on his tiny art on the back of the bag. Other than that, he turned out pretty good.

Dark Magician Girl looks infinitely better on the bag. I don’t know why they went with this skin color. Perhaps the artwork’s color doesn’t blend properly on the Cube Head? Even reusing Dark Magician’s would’ve been better. Also, it seems like mine is missing some plastic. I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture, but the hair under her mouth and the hair under her left ear are dipped like something went wrong with the mold.

As the front of the bag promised with exclamation, the back of the Cube Heads have the Yu-Gi-Oh! logo molded in in gray.

Ultimate Reflections:
Based on these two I don’t know if I’d buy more of these. It mostly has to do with the “bigger than I thought they’d be” noses, the missing parts on Dark Magician Girl, and her skin color that just looks really off. I’d be happier if she looked exactly like she did on the bag because the nose is less pronounced and the skin color is more accurate.

For $2.99, it’s a fair price if you like the style. I don’t doubt that Time Wizard, Rocket Warrior, and Kuriboh look pretty good as they don’t have human noses. Besides the missing bits of plastic, they’re well made as far as trinkets like these go and I like that the details are molded in.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these and if you got any of the mystery ones.


2 thoughts on “Wish Factory Cube Heads Headz Yu-Gi-Oh! Yugioh Series 1 Blind Bag Review

    • Thanks for reading.

      Glad you liked your Yugi. I haven’t been able to find any info either. It’s most likely that people aren’t aware these exist.

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