Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 (Universe Survival Arc)

Technically nothing “happened” this episode. It showed off some character designs and wasted time showing generic attacks from three of the Destruction Gods they can use for video games. Apparently, there’s a material harder than the original Katchin now. Why not?

It annoyed me that Goku and Vegeta won’t work with others, but unlike the Trunks arc I’ll allow it. They’re the strongest on the team anyway, let them be dumb and do what they want to give people the one on one fights this tournament should’ve had while everyone else pairs/teams up and plays properly.

It’s interesting to see someone from Yardrat, but no known Namekians? What? Hopefully we finally see what a Metamoran looks like. Maybe that way we can see some fusion action despite Goten and Trunks getting robbed. Universe 4 only has eight fighters. Maybe two of them are fusions.

Not much to say about the preview other than complaining that Goku isn’t transforming at all. He never really keeps transformations as trump cards so it’s going to come off as stupid like usual. If there are fighters he can handle without transforming, there’s less tension and as I’ve speculated, writers intentionally gave universes trash fighters for our “trash” fighters to have someone to fight.


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