Review: Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5666 Micro Action Figures Series 2 with Codes

Back of the bag

Front of the sheet

Back of the sheet

Unlike series 1 where each bag came with parts to create the Super Mega Cannon, series 2 has parts to make… whatever this is.

It’s not in the show and I don’t know what it is so I passed on a full set. I don’t know what they could’ve put here instead, but I guess they felt the need to make something up.

(Connecting the torsos to the legs may be difficult. If you’re a kid, have an adult help you. If you’re an adult, have an adult help you.)

Lost Galaxy Red (Common)

(Only doing side/back shots here since all the figures are the same and there’s no back/side printing.)

I’m surprised he’s common. Previous “legendary Rangers” were rare or ultra rare. His helmet design is fantastic and I appreciate the boot printing. Unfortunately, his gun is a commonly reused piece and its paint apps are the same as RPM Red’s. Wait, a gun? The Lost Galaxy arsenal didn’t have guns… If you weren’t going to give him a generic sword to simulate a Quasar Saber, couldn’t you at least use the Loogie weapon to simulate the Transdaggers? Lazy move, but it’s another Forever Red Ranger down.

Mystic Force Red (Common)

Look at all the printing on this guy. The MAJOR omission is his cape… Between this and Bandai’s Action Hero figure, what’s with skimping on the cape? I know Mega Bloks had capes back when they had the Marvel license so there’s no excuse. Wait, this guy has the same reused gun too…? Is it that hard to include swords? On another note, doing Mystic Force Red is so random. It’s not like he preceded RPM Red who was in series 1. This slot should have been one of the remaining Forever Reds (Zeo, Alien, Quantum).

Translucent Super Megaforce Silver (Rare)

(I prefer to turn the human head 180 degrees so the eyes don’t show through the helmet)

This is translucent, but as one of only two Silver releases, it’s as good as it gets.

This was the previous one…

Still no trident. Otherwise, the same complaint with every Super Megaforcer. The gold on the legs should be higher and belt representation would be nice. I do like the crystalline look of this one though. After finally seeing a proper Silver helmet, it’s all the more disappointing that they didn’t get it right for the standard figure.

Super Megaforce Pink (Ultra Rare)

This is where standard Pink went. And she’s Ultra Rare… Thanks, Mega Bloks. And you couldn’t make her brick pink? General complaints are that her crotch piece should be pink and the silver on her legs should be higher. It’s the standard Pink you want to get.

Glow in the Dark Super Megaforce Green (Secret Rare)

What’s with all the Super Megaforce Green variants? Where’s the standard one? A glow in the dark Mega Bloks figure sounded awesome, but not like this. While the glow in the dark swords are neat, I really thought more or all of the figure would glow. At least the helmet, right? Do you really care that the human head can glow? The brick has more glow than the figure itself. Really disappointed. If only the black details on his coat were gold like they should be, I’d at least be closer to having a standard Green…

Codes: [The only thing that matters are the two numbers after “A”]

Battle-Damaged Super Megaforce Red (Rare) – A15054GT
Translucent Super Megaforce Blue (Common) – A16054GT
Battle-Damaged X-Borg (Common) – A17054GT
Super Megaforce Pink (Ultra Rare) – A19054GT
Lost Galaxy Red (Common) – A20054GT
Mystic Force Red (Common) – A210054GT
Translucent Super Megaforce Silver (Rare) – A22054GT
Glow in the Dark Super Megaforce Green (Secret Rare) – A23054GT

Ultimate Reflections:
It’s hard to recommend the whole set, especially since the build-a-thing is made up. Lost Galaxy Red and Mystic Force Red are the gems. There’s a clear effort to give them accurate printing, but giving them guns over swords and no cape is lame. Super Megaforce Pink is mandatory to complete the standard team but without a standard Green, what’s the point? While not as disappointing as the misprinted secret rare Silver Ranger last set, I was very underwhelmed by the glow in the dark secret. I like the translucent Super Megaforce Silver, but objectively he’s an extraneous variant like the figures I passed on.


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