Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 94 (Universe Survival Arc)

Why is Roshi showing us a move that he’s used before? Can’t they just show him using this at the tournament?

Based on 17’s first Super appearance I didn’t think his relationship with Krillin would be that awkward. I don’t know why 18’s threatening to kill 17. With 17’s offscreen training, he would destroy her. I liked when 17 said he was 17. The handshake with Piccolo was nice too.

Uh-oh, a character voiced by Sonny Strait is leaving his daughter because he has work to do…

UGH… You know, I thought Frieza was going to wipe the assassins out instantly. Turns out my greatest fear came true. They’re saving that trash for next episode. The preview shows nothing but Frieza and Goku fighting fodder. They didn’t even close the episode with a X amount of time left reminder. At this rate, I’m curious how much I could shorten this “arc” and really the series with a Dragon Ball Super Kai.

This episode felt like another bunch of irrelevant things we didn’t need to see just as next week will be. Will this assassination nonsense tie in to something in the future? Maybe. Did it need to exist even if it will? Probably not.


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