Prime Reactions Review – Wonder Woman (2017) No Spoilers

Fourth time’s the charm?

Of the DC trinity, I think Wonder Woman as a character was handled the best and perhaps most accurately. Man of Steel Superman doesn’t inspire anyone. He’s not the hero I want to follow and see save the day. I’m not against Batman killing sometimes as long as there are versions that keep up his anti-killing stance. What I am against is a stupid Batman who strikes first against an at the time non-hostile Superman who wanted to talk it out. Then there’s the Kryptonite spear instead of just… Kryptonite.

This Wonder Woman has all the makings of a hero. All she wants to do is the right thing and refuses to be a witness to injustice and war. Sometimes that’s all you need. Her curiosity and fish out of water scenes were fun. Some of these lighter scenes really helped to separate this film from the annoyingly dark tone of Man of Steel and BvS. She comes to question humanity when she’s very noble, honorable, and believes that the world and its inhabitants are inherently good. Turns out humans can just be evil. It’s a matter of if the actions of the evil ones mean humankind is beyond saving. The way she’s written, this is a great subject for her to deal with.

The villains were once again pretty weak and knowing that this takes place during World War 1, they won’t return for future films so they’re even less impressive. Definitely standard fare in this department. Though I don’t know if the villains were weak on purpose to further boost the idea that the evil of man is the world’s true enemy. I’m leaning towards the standard fare idea if only because of the climax. The super soldier “serum” was random and annoyed me too.

Steve Trevor was very likable and in these movies I generally don’t like the love interest/secondary main. They’re usually just “the love interest” and have nothing to do with anything. Steve Trevor on the other hand represented the best of mankind which was Diana’s inspiration to fight. I enjoyed the downplayed romance which I honestly thought they would avoid as romance wasn’t very prominent. I could’ve done without it if they weren’t going all out, but it was fine. He definitely had a chemistry with Diana and I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that these two just had normal conversations and learned about each other. I don’t know why this was so hard for Man of Steel and BvS where if the dialogue wasn’t exposition, it was pretentious jargon.

The colors have improved somewhat. Themyscira was bright and colorful as it should be. Then we go to London where it’s dark and “hideous” as it should be. The film’s dark from this point on and I’m okay with it. This is a movie dealing with war and the terrible things that come with it so a darker look fits the tone. It’s not there just to be there. It might’ve been there just to be there but at least I can find a way to justify it. Whereas I can’t justify all the darkness and rain in BvS.

The action was good and bad. There was a lot of abuse when it came to the slow-mo moments. It’s overused in general and I wish they’d just do normal speed. The other issue was the very noticeable use of a CGI Wonder Woman like the beginning of Age of Ultron. I think it was better here, but that doesn’t excuse it. I understand the use of CGI with the lasso action but I don’t know if a lot of her other feats require it. Batman fighting off thugs in BvS was awesome. Why? Almost all of it was real minus the parts with his grapple. Captain America one on one fights are always enjoyable. Why? Real people fighting. The action scenes here were directed well and awesome to look at but there’s that nagging feeling of “it’s not real”.

I’m confused on Wonder Woman’s powers. Why do her bracelets make that sonic boom thing when she clangs them together? Besides BvS, that’s new to me. The Amazons seem surprised when they saw her do this. Didn’t they give her those? She’s not against killing so why doesn’t she do it more often? Also, can she fly or not? There’s maybe one shot where she seemed to hover in the air, but in BvS and this she’s otherwise grounded. At best, she can leap great heights (but not tall buildings). Finally, no Invisible Jet. 0/10

Ultimate Reflections:
It’s what an origin story should be and I feel the main character was established just fine. I wish this came out earlier around Iron Man or it was the first movie to start off this DC universe. Then they could’ve seen what worked and built on that for Man of Steel, etc. Hopefully that can still be done for the films to come, but it’s more catching up assuming the people up top are even capable of self-reflection when they’ve proven they aren’t.

It’s a huge improvement over this universe’s previous offerings. I’m still going to be skeptical going into Justice League but this should restore a little bit of faith for those disappointed with the last three DC films. The climax was the weakest part of the film but it in no way invalidates all the good that surrounds it. I’m giving this a 7/10 but it’s a really high 7/10. I definitely recommend it. If you’re tired of superhero movies, this may not do anything for you because it is another origin story and parts of it are what some may consider generic. By no means does it break new ground in the genre but I’m sure if this came out a little under ten years ago, people would’ve loved it more than they do now. If you’ve been waiting for a decent film in this universe, this is it.


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