Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 (Universe Survival Arc)

Frieza’s just sitting in HFIL because he refuses to repent. Does that mean Cell and the other dead villains did?

For padding, it was entertaining but only because female Super Saiyans are more interesting than robots, rat Beerus, etc. Seeing these three interact is kind of fun.

Is Cabba transforming stock footage at this point? Getting deja vu when I see it now.

I don’t know how to feel about Kale completely skipping Super Saiyan itself though I’m glad she transformed through anger. The tingly back thing is weak when prior to Goten and Trunks, there were somewhat established rules to this. Then again, Super doesn’t care about rules. Also, it’s pretty lazy to slap some lipstick on Broly and call it a day. The body’s slimmer, but it really does just look like a female Broly with no Kale-exclusive features. Even her techniques are just Broly’s which is definitely lazy. There’s no standard issue arsenal when it comes to new forms. MAYBE Legendary Super Saiyan’s an exception as Kale’s the only other one and the form’s never really explained, but I’d rather call it lazy.

Seems Caulifla reached Super Saiyan 2 with no effort and no fanfare. Cabba should’ve said something here… Perhaps as one of the “surprises” of the tournament, Caulifla gets Super Saiyan 3 or something because it’s pretty lame if these guys walk in with their current transformations. Then again, with 90 minutes left it would feel like bs if she did. A female Broly’s got nothing on Super Saiyan 3 or really any of our Saiyans, Frieza, and 17. Besides “cool factor”, who cares? Cabba especially needs to go higher. These guys are gaining forms left and right and scrub-level characters in universe 7 are stronger than they should be for no reason. May as well hand everybody everything.

I’m still of the opinion that we don’t need to see any of this. Just because you might think it’s cool, doesn’t mean we need to see it. Broken record, but I’d rather the other universes surprise us during the tournament instead of gradually revealing things before. Sure, there might be more surprises but why show anything beforehand? As it is, it’s more padding.

Not much to say about Goku talking to Frieza. I liked Frieza’s bluff about not entering and Goku just walking away. Curious if Goku planned that out or if he just wasn’t that desperate.

Next week looks painful to watch. It’s clearly more padding. As “worried” as rat Beerus seems to be, he’s going to waste time sending assassins that clearly won’t be any match for our guys. If they are a match for them, why aren’t they being used as tournament participants?


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