Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 92 (Universe Survival Arc)

This is a point I’ve forgotten to make regarding Buu sleeping. They brought it up, but Buu sleeps for seconds if not a second in Z and wakes up just fine. All of a sudden the writers decide to arbitrarily make him sleep too long so they can keep him out of stuff. Not once but twice and counting. Top notch writing, guys.

Irrelevant scene of another universe #1…

I like Hercule taking the initiative and honestly with his luck stat being as high as it is, it’d be amusing to see how long he’d last as an expert escape artist.

Irrelevant scene of another universe #2…

Will someone just suggest Future Trunks already? Or Jaco? I’m always on #teamjaco

Vegeta being a punk again and blowing up the chamber…

Irrelevant scene of another universe #3… Forget pain of loss or purity of anything, just look for that tingly feeling on your back. Super Saiyan bargain sale vol. 2!

Goku once again flying to his destination despite being on a time limit. I’m glad the forced drama of Krillin and 18 wanting out was quick and painless. It seems no one told those who didn’t know that Goku’s the reason this tournament is happening in the first place or else we’d have more drama. I certainly didn’t expect Frieza to be the other candidate, but if that’s the case negotiating with someone like Frieza should get people even more angry at Goku.

This episode was trash. We only needed to see the last few minutes. The preview for next week has more irrelevant scenes of other universes when all that matters is the Frieza stuff.


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