Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 (Universe Survival Arc)

Good on Popo threatening to ban Vegeta if he destroys the room again. Vegeta’s such a butt. He knows that everyone including himself needs that place, right?

Also, is Vegeta stupid (rhetorical question) or did no one tell him why the tournament’s happening? How does it benefit anyone if he defeats Kakarot who’s on the same team in the tournament? Stupid stupid Vegeta… The only smart thing he’s done here is that he’s the only one who thought of using the room… with only what, 4 hours left?

Hey, let’s do Mystic Goku! No time? Gee, I wonder why that is… Maybe it’s because Goku didn’t use Instant Transmission to travel from place to place. Maybe it’s because they waited until the last minute and Vegeta’s hogging the Time Chamber now when it was previously free. Now that it’s been brought up, we’ll definitely get Mystic Goku in the future, right? You can’t just bring that up and leave it like that. It would be bad writing and these guys would never succumb to baiting their audience… right?

Sigh… training we don’t need to see… Scenes from other universes we don’t need to see…

And they save the only relevant scene for the tail end of the episode. Buu’s asleep and once again Goku flies there instead of using Instant Transmission. Last week’s preview made it seem like that would be the dilemma of this episode. Instead, it’s a footnote and we won’t deal with it until next week. Oh, cripes. This week’s preview says 18 and Krillin want out? Why is this show so bad?


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