Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 (Universe Survival Arc)

I agree. This was a waste of Senzu.

Good to see Gohan can access Mystic without turning Super Saiyan first. That never should’ve been a thing. Why does Goku ask if Gohan’s going to turn Super Saiyan? Gohan just said that this was his full power. Can’t Goku tell from Gohan’s power level that this is pretty high for him? The other characters seem to realize this. Is Goku just not used to people using their full power anymore after all the suppressed fighters he’s faced in Super? Or… is Gohan at his “full power” so weak to Goku that he thought Gohan should turn Super Saiyan? Gohan’s never going to be as strong as 17 at this rate.

It irritates me that Mystic now gives Gohan that front bang to differentiate it from regular Gohan as if that bang is part of the transformation. Is it because the animators don’t plan on constantly giving him the white aura? Animating is hard…

Gohan wants to reach a form no one has ever seen. The writers should’ve settled for giving whatever Future Trunks’ new “transformation” was to Gohan considering they’re both half-Saiyans, but no. People have seen that. Gohan wants something NO ONE has ever seen. Why are you setting up a potential new transformation? Know why Super Saiyan 2 Gohan was awesome? No viewer/reader expected it. Now you’re telling me he might randomly unlock something at the tournament? Why? Shouldn’t you save such a thing for a twist? Writing is hard.

Uh… has it been so long that I’ve forgotten? Since when were team leaders a thing? Because Yu Yu Hakusho had them? What did Gohan demonstrate here that makes him qualified to lead the team except that Goku felt like it? I’m not biased against Gohan. I’m genuinely asking why.

Four and a half hours left meaning this episode somehow took three and a half. Next week looks like it has more nothing we don’t have to see.

I didn’t read past the spoiler tags on this issue, but someone’s getting replaced on the team? Preview says Buu’s sick or something. That’s a downer as he’s arguably the most useful after Goku and Vegeta. Maybe finally we can have the real candidate people have been overlooking… Jaco.


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