Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 89 (Universe Survival Arc)

I’m sorry. Did the narrator say “rewind the clock”? Why? Would this have played out any differently if that line wasn’t there? Nitpicking, I know. Still valid. Also, you sure we don’t have to spend an episode for Goku to ask Dende where Tien is? Goku can actually sense Tien, but he’s not using Instant Transmission. Instead he wastes time flying there…

Right off the bat Roshi goes into his pervy antics because the writers don’t know what else to do with the teacher/hero. Writing is hard.

Another snippet of Cabba trying to recruit and hype the perhaps not female Broly. I’ll give them this… They didn’t cut to Beerus this episode! Huge surprise! They must’ve really wanted to keep our attention on the brilliant job they did with this episode.

Oh, Roshi’s been training in secret offscreen? 17 was training in secret offscreen too! Man, everybody should use that excuse as to why they can compete then. If only Goten and Trunks did some secret training, they’d be allowed to participate. That secret offscreen self-training…

So, instead of competently writing something with Launch for a Tien episode they have to make up a character that didn’t exist for this essentially “Naruto filler”-level episode and she might be a recurring character. This is a pretty bad episode, guys. Even if it gave Tien a contrived reason to enter at the end, you didn’t need all this nonsense to do it. Roshi entered so fast Goku didn’t even ask him. And for what noble reason did the former teacher and hero enter? Money.

Apparently this episode took about an hour. There’s still eight hours left which worries me. The recruiting’s done, but considering the Frieza minutes they’ve been using, there could still be quite a few episodes before the tournament.

I don’t know if next week is a waste of time if everyone gathers for a little sparring session. There might be some nice interactions. I don’t see 17 or 18 though so my interest is low as they’re the outsiders who’d facilitate interesting interactions.


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