Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 88 (Universe Survival Arc)

Again, I don’t know why Piccolo all of a sudden has Goku-itis. Yeah, he joined the tournament back before Buu but that seemed more like a fun thing for everyone to do. Fighting super strong folks from other universes as an exciting prospect doesn’t seem like a Piccolo notion.

Can we please stop cutting to Beerus for no reason EVERY EPISODE? Vegeta expertly changing a diaper is fine, but I don’t know why they feel a mighty need to pay Beerus and Whis’ voice actors.

Well, at least Krillin’s willing to spar with 18 while our “recruiters” didn’t think to.

Ugh, are you telling me “mystic” is a transformation past Super Saiyan now? Why? How? And that single bang thing was a part of his hairstyle back then, but it’s a result of the transformation now? Do the writers even understand what “mystic” is? With how 17 was presented, of course the writers want Gohan to somehow become stronger, but going beyond “mystic” feels like a ridiculous concept that exists because the writers want it to. Yeah, Gohan’s out of practice, but this isn’t just about that.

I do appreciate that Gohan asked Piccolo to try some tandem attacks/combos with Piccolo. That’s the first time anyone’s thought of something legitimate to do for this specific tournament. Thanks, smartest fighters in this timeline!

If this is the female Broly, she doesn’t look anything like the Broly they presented in the opening.

Goodness, this episode took 24 hours? That’s insane. Why was the pacing so bad in the first few? They could’ve allocated the hours better to not make those first few seem like Frieza minutes. Also, with all this training, nobody wants to use the Hyperbolic Time Chamber? With only 9 hours left, these bozos wouldn’t get any use out of it now.

Oh boy, next week seems like a part one-er… Not exactly looking forward to it. I don’t mind learning that Tien has a dojo, but that could just be a 2-3 minute explanation to tell the audience what he’s been up to if the writers wanted to be expedient about the recruitment. Instead we waste time with this new girl instead of Launch and probably a terrible plot about possessed fighters.

Ultimate Reflections:
Nothing wrong with this episode. Like many others, I don’t feel it was necessary to see any of this. I’d prefer to see any new tricks/learning experiences during the tournament instead of knowing beforehand. Other than Goku asking Piccolo to enter the tournament I can’t think of anything else we HAD to see. Though I can say that about a lot of Super in general…


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