Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 87 (Universe Survival Arc)

Why is 17 tempted by the Super Dragon Balls? He didn’t want money and doesn’t care if the universe is erased. Do all members of the winning team each get a wish anyway?

Hey, let’s cut to Beerus and pay extra voice actors again for no reason!

It’s weird. 17 and Goku aren’t fast enough to swipe the “detonator” from this guy? 17 swiped something similar from Gero back in Z. How is this situation any different?

It is pretty funny that Goku brought another exploding bad guy to King Kai’s place like that’s the default location for such situations. Though I question why neither of them thought to take the switch right away because apparently this guy could push it even under King Kai’s planet’s gravity. If he wasn’t lying, they might all be dead.

So Goku trusts Goten and Trunks to take care of tons of animals, some of which are near extinction? I certainly wouldn’t trust them with that. At least in the tournament, they’d be somewhat useful but I feel like they’d screw around too much here. Are we going to cut to them during the tournament for an episode so we can see their shenanigans? It wouldn’t shock me…

17 wants… a boat to travel with his offscreen family, something the money he didn’t want could go towards… I’ll assume he currently can’t afford one but to use the Super Dragon Balls on that? I’m sure Bulma could just buy him one or he can use Shenron in exchange for his participation.

That’s quite the definitive statement there, Goku. We’ll make a hero out of you yet.

You’re kidding me. These two episodes took 10 hours? That’s quite a lot!

Next week looks like a pointless episode. At least it involves two of my favorites, but I don’t know how much substance is in it. If this training took place offscreen I don’t think we’d miss anything. Like I’ve been saying prior to last week, new techniques should be saved for the tournament, not spoiled beforehand. I REALLY hope Gohan learns more of Piccolo’s moves though. It was always a shame he didn’t.

Yeah, what else is new?

Ultimate Reflections:
I didn’t hate this episode. There’s nothing in it that irritated me like in previous weeks. Granted, there was no tension here and I wouldn’t want to watch it again any time soon. I don’t think it needed to exist, but since it does it’s just fine.


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