Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 86 (Universe Survival Arc)

Uh, since when was the lookout a UFO? This is so random. I didn’t think it was the guardian’s job to play chauffeur nor did I think such a function would ever be necessary considering Kami and Dende can fly.

Why is Dende bringing up Uub? Is Super almost over? Dende asks Goku to train Uub and Goku responds that he’s bad at it. I guess when you’ve only trained Gohan for a year keeping the good training to yourself, yeah? At least he’s honest even if we know he had 0 reserves and was quite excited about training Uub back in Z. I guess with Super’s bad writing, the prospect of a Buu-level fighter doesn’t interest Goku much here.

It says a lot about skinny fat Buu last episode where Goku didn’t feel the need to transform but starts with Super Saiyan against 17. Then it’s really gross to think that 17 who apparently isn’t at “full power” (whatever that means for him) can fight so evenly with Blue Goku regardless of if he was at full power either. Just because it’s called Super Saiyan Blue now doesn’t mean it isn’t still godlike. When will “holding back” be a meme instead of a legitimate explanation? Think about it. How much does Blue Goku have to “hold back” for Krillin to stand as good a chance as he did?

By the way, can the Androids actually get stronger? It’s been a talking point among fans before who have somewhat concluded that the Androids not utilizing human ki as an energy source are about as strong as they can be. Training would give them irrelevant results as any results would be human-level which in Dragon Ball is pointless except under bad writing (Super episode 84). It’s one thing to say they’ve become better/smarter fighters, but that’s not what Dende said or what this episode proves.

Based on this, 17 should completely dwarf 18 who hasn’t trained and nobody bothered testing. Simply fighting 17 doesn’t matter because as Super established before, they’re looking for wits and tactics, not strength. So what if 17 is strong? He has displayed no abilities or skill in being able to ring people out. Goten and Trunks/Gotenks? Nah. The Androids? Free pass.

Goku really wants to see 17’s kids, doesn’t he? I’m sure the audience would like to too. What’s that? We don’t have those designs? I guess the anime’s crew couldn’t bother to poop out some generic kids, so no kids for you. Unless… Uub’s one of the kids?

Ugh, why did they cut to Beerus? Like really, they could’ve just panned up and cut back to 17 reacting to the tournament but instead they waste time and resources animating 2-4 characters and paying Beerus’ and Whis’ voice actors when they otherwise didn’t have to.

I really wish 17 would’ve just agreed to enter the tournament based on the universe erasing to keep this one episode. He’s so concerned about these animals and the island itself. He’s been protecting them all these years from poachers and extinction but if every remaining animal, his family, and himself “goes extinct” at the same time, it’s okay because if everything’s gone it’s fair to everyone unlike selective poaching. What?

They couldn’t slap together some kids for 17’s photo but fugly aliens for padding/filler? Sure.

Ultimate Reflections:
I’m tired of how inconsistent the power levels are in Super. It turns good episodes on paper into trash. Don’t get me wrong. I love wits and tactic-based fights, but when they claim that’s what they’re looking for in recruits, but poop out some bs writing so they can compete strength-wise too it destroys the premise of power being less important in a ring out battle royal. Then there’s the blatant mishandling of Goten, Trunks, and 18. 17 and Krillin being as strong as they are is ridiculous as well. I’m sure these same complaints will be sprinkled across future episodes as they’re taking their sweet time stalling before the tournament. We don’t even know if this week’s episode took an hour. Maybe combined with next week’s it’s an hour?


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