Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 (Universe Survival Arc)

Since when does Piccolo want to fight against strong people? I could understand wanting to challenge yourself, but that’s never been his motivation for anything. He’s only ever fought from Z on for self-interest or to save something which would most likely be why he’ll participate here.

Oh, Supreme Kai 11 wants to ask Zeno to reverse his decision? That’s never been attempted before… We really had to watch this scene. It introduced so much information that moved the story along. Like nothing and more nothing.

How does Buu slimming down make him taller? If slim fat Buu is supposed to be stronger than fat Buu, I’m having a REALLY hard time believing base Goku can fight as well as he did here. Yeah, Buu isn’t fighting to kill but sparring should be taken somewhat seriously and it really is a joke that base Goku is this strong.

Haw. Not from what I’m seeing…

They’re once again wasting time showing us feats that should be saved as surprises for the tournament. Knowing these going in is less fun. You might say there’s more they haven’t shown, but why show anything?

Is that Sinestro?

You can argue the Pride Troopers segment gave us insight into them, but I don’t think it was necessary. If you’re not going to show bits from every universe (And I pray they won’t…), why bother? Yeah, they’re building up this Jiren guy but he’s not something that needs to be built up especially if he’s not relevant to what’s currently going on and probably won’t meet Goku until they fight.

37 hours left? Cripes… you’re telling me that with Goku flying to each place (No sign of him using Instant Transmission yet) along with whatever event takes place there, each only takes an hour? They’re really dragging this out. And here I was thinking 40 hours wasn’t very long…

You can boil this down to six screenshots but really it’s six lines of dialogue. This is all you need.

At least next week we’re finally going to see 17, someone who might actually need convincing and someone who needs to be tested. For once these are events the audience NEEDS to see.


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