Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 (Universe Survival Arc)

Feh, Krillin’s “new technique” is just a stronger Solar Flare? How creative… As if a Solar Flare in general doesn’t usually do the job.

Ugh, defeating Gohan wasn’t enough? Goku has to waste time fighting Krillin too? Krillin already passed. How about fighting 18 since you two have never seen her fighting style, techniques, or tactical ability? What’s that? The writers are invoking “girls drool”? Okay…

18’s… pretty prepared. She had multiple sunglasses and an umbrella. A combination of items you wouldn’t need for any other day unless you’re expecting a high amount of Solar Flares and some heavy rain after a sunny day for dramatic effect. Then you’ll have some conveniently clear skies after the fight resulting in a dry flight home, all of this within an hour.

That Kamehameha clash made me cringe. How Blue Goku’s didn’t instantly eat Krillin’s AND that Krillin’s pushed Goku’s back even an inch is a testament to the writers needing to hold the human characters’ hands to justify their participation against characters they’re outclassed against strength-wise. It’s one thing if Krillin lost the clash to show he’s still outmatched in power and you can say he technically did, but if you expect me to believe that if Goku didn’t push back, Krillin’s Kamehameha would’ve won… get out of here.

Oh, 18 wanted to join in the fight to further simulate a battle royal? About time she gets to… What’s that? Goku wants to stop here? I guess the writers are also invoking “no girls allowed”.

Now they have to waste time talking to Dende to find 17… Couldn’t 18 just know where he is for plot convenience? They talked on the phone. She didn’t bother to keep his contact information? I’m surprised there isn’t a subplot about the two being on bad terms that we have to resolve first.

Like last week, this episode also took an hour in show time. This trend isn’t looking good. Unless they start telling me more hours have passed per episode, the characters might be using Frieza Army-brand clocks.

This new ending song is bizarre to say the least. It doesn’t fit Dragon Ball in the slightest. The sequence is lazy too with mostly panning stills. And is it about Bulma or not? They show off the ten fighters for most of it but start with Bulma stuff and end on photos Bulma took in her youth and Super episode 2. Someone’s shilling talent.

The preview includes no 17 and focuses a lot on the other universes which is padding to me. Yu Yu Hakusho didn’t have to do this. We learn about those worth learning about in the ring, not before. Is this a nitpick? Yes, but I don’t think I’m alone in wanting to get to the tournament as soon as possible and if we’re not watching Goku recruit, it’s not important nor did it have to be shown now. Finally, it’s way too late for Buu to have new and unstolen techniques. He’s the one who needs them the least and I wouldn’t believe he’s been working on some new moves.

Ultimate Reflections:
This wasn’t a bad episode by any means. I don’t think its entirety was necessary, but it really irritates me that they didn’t “test” 18 or give Trunks and Goten the benefit of the doubt to let them try either. They have some basis for excluding the kids, but 18 (and perhaps 17) essentially got a free pass because she’s strong. That’s it.


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