Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 (Universe Survival Arc)

Not sure why Bulma has to do her exercises in the gravity room. You’d think the richest family in the series would have another room for four balls.

Goku dismisses Goten and Trunks as candidates because they aren’t “strategic”, but everyone’s so familiar with 17’s fighting style that he’s on the short list. And Buu’s perfect for battles that require skill and wits. It’s not like he’s there solely for his strength and abilities…

Gotenks’ Galactic Donuts tying fighters up and flooding the arena with Super Ghosts are perfect for ring outs. Not to mention Super Saiyan 3 as a last resort. Granted, the fusion only lasts half an hour (or less), but that’s most of the tournament’s time limit and they’re FAR stronger than everyone but Goku, Vegeta, and maybe Gohan. If Roshi’s allowed to compete because of “tricky techniques”, Gotenks has a bunch along with strength.

Granted, Goku’s dismissal of them is due to inexperience, but that never disqualified Gohan from participating in early Z. Plus, the only reason Goku didn’t defeat Fat Buu in Z is because he specifically wanted Goten and Trunks to be able to protect the planet in his and Gohan’s (considered dead at the time) absence. Where did all that faith go?

This is a chance for minor characters to shine after all. The Resurrection ‘F’ retelling and even those terrible filler episodes that feature Goten and Trunks wouldn’t throw them a bone. The writers must hate kids. That’s what it is.

I was thinking 18 would bring up asking 17 but Gohan says they should ask him. Didn’t think anyone outside of 18 would ever reference him.

Uh… what the hell did Whis just do? I thought he was forwarding time to where Bulma had to give birth, but Bra just magically appears. There was no pain and no cord. Why would he even have this ability? Does he use it often?

Bulma’s mom’s eyes are randomly closed again.

How is it that Bulma already has papers for Bra? I’m not 100% on this but did she know the gender of the baby beforehand? I know Trunks didn’t. Was she going to name the kid Bra even if it was a boy?

All this was only one hour? Was hoping they burned more time than that.

Next week it seems we have some quality art/animation. I wish they wouldn’t take the whole episode to recruit Krillin and 18. This sparring is a waste of time and if Krillin has a new attack, he should show it off during the tournament. It’s less cool if the audience knows beforehand though it’s not guaranteed he’ll use it here. Hopefully some of the other recruitments are swift.

Ultimate Reflections:
It wasn’t an awful episode. The stuff with the baby was okay, but the rest was “meh”.


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