Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 (Universe Survival Arc)

It went about as I expected. Goku doing poorly because despite everyone thinking this challenger is pretty strong, Goku doesn’t break out Blue from the start removing all tension and wasting our time for about half the episode. Once he does go Blue it gets a bit more entertaining with some fast-paced action and Goku doing what looked like a Warp Kamehameha.

I LOVE that the tournament’s in 40 hours if they’re not using Frieza minutes. I really want them to get right to it and hopefully Goku recruiting the others is swift.

This was not a good-looking episode at points. Quite a bit of off model art during talking scenes. It’s one thing if the fight animation/art looks bad, but when the characters look bad standing and/or talking, it’s blatant incompetence. Once Goku went Blue, the art and animation was pretty decent by Super’s standards.

I still think this fight was pointless padding because the fight doesn’t conclude. If after Goku’s last fight, you replace this challenge with the explanation of when the tournament starts, you don’t lose anything important.

There might be some decent Vegeta moments next week but it’s definitely looking to be a slow and padded out episode without much happening, at least nothing I can’t tell you in a few seconds. Not looking forward to it.


3 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 (Universe Survival Arc)

  1. I’m enjoying the Universe Tournament Saga. Some of the character designs are suspect and familiar to a lot of pop culture related stuff. But it’s interesting to see Goku being the bad guy this saga because he instigated this whole tournament ordeal and responsible for the universe being extinct. The action has been decent and consistent for the most part.

    • I’ve been releasing my reviews pretty much the day after because with not much to talk about, they’re shorter and easier to write. There’s not much going on in terms of story progression. They’re instead focusing on fights and action which I can’t really be mad at. I just want them to get to 17 and the actual tournament with as little padding and filler as possible. Contrast that with the Future Trunks arc where the incompetence, repetitiveness, and nonsense every week results in longer reviews with more complaints.

      • Haha. Good point! Sometimes I just want to watch a good fight and have a simple plot. But that’ll be interesting to bring back 17 and get him to do some damage in the tournament. I’m looking forward to it!

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