Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 81 (Universe Survival Arc)


The wolf guy’s plea to remove the rule of erasing losing universes was approved, but pointless as there is no glimmer of hope that this guy’s going to win even if it’s to the benefit of everyone that he does.

As expected, this was barely a fight. Somewhat boring ability and unless the wolf guy is invulnerable to attacks while gaining power, he’s easily defeated if you just start off stronger than him. Kuro Momotaro from Yu Yu Hakusho did it better and ripping him off would’ve made this far more interesting. Heck Super Android 17 from GT was a bigger threat by already being stronger than everyone while getting stronger. As it is, tension-less…

Regarding the tournament rules, I’m a little disappointed that none of it is one-on-one, not that a battle royale can’t be fun. As for the restrictions put in place based on the exhibition match… No weapons. Um, did anyone use weapons here? Senzu Beans and whatever healing item the wolves used aren’t weapons. No killing which is strange since Zen-Oh takes erasing entire universes lightly. No flying which to me is the only legitimate and interesting rule unless they mean no flying back into the arena which in that case isn’t as interesting. I mean, isn’t it more of a challenge to ring out a flyer?

Oh… this moo-stachio’d Wreck-It Ralph did not just steal Saito from Rurouni Kenshin’s catchphrase. Rooting for Goku. Not that he needs it…

I really didn’t see this fight coming and I mean that in the most negative way possible. They already explained the rules of the tournament. I expected everyone to leave and Goku starts recruiting, but now we have to waste time with this bozo. For what? I’m curious how and if this advances the story at all and if after future episodes this fight ends up being completely skippable.

The preview shows Goku once again wasting time with Super Saiyan. Granted, the preview ends with him going Blue, but any time he’s not Blue is just padding. Let’s hope this only takes one episode and we get to the tournament sooner than later.


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