Prime Reactions Review – Digimon Adventure tri. 4 – Soushitsu (Loss)

I’ll eat your crappy sequel, but I don’t have to like it…

Part 1


Agent girl gets possessed by Homeostasis before Piedmon makes his move. Instead of making his move, he just floats there like an idiot and lets whatever’s happening happen. Despite how out of place opening with this scene is, I had a feeling these two were Digidestined. Not only that, there’s three more kids with them! Who are they? Perhaps unfortunately, this installment isn’t about this at all and ultimately this time could’ve been used for other things.

Also, I’m not sure how to feel about the Dark Masters existing before the Sovereigns. Guess that was always a thing. I was under the impression that the Sovereigns were essentially Egyptian God Cards in terms of power. Now it seems they’re even or slightly worse than the Dark Masters who imprisoned the Sovereigns. If the Digidestined Digimon eventually defeated the Dark Masters with only two Megas, they could easily defeat the Sovereigns which is pretty lame.

Nice to see the D-Terminal now that the writers remembered they exist.

Nyaromon uses the nose she doesn’t have to relate Kari’s scent to the whistle so I guess it came from her somehow. Seriously though, how did it get here? And if all the Digimon are gathered does that mean Gennai already grabbed their Digi-eggs and they hatched to become partners? Otherwise why would these specific Digimon conveniently be in the same place? I’m still not clear on the reboot and disappointed they don’t go into it more. I really expected Devimon and the like to pop up.

We close with the Digimon Digivolving for no reason and with no Digivice help. Sure, why not? Forget the fact that Yokomon has 0 connection to Sora. She Digivolves too. It’s not like it’d be good writing for her to stay as Yokomon so when Sora’s non-dilemma resolves it’s all the more satisfying for her to return to her natural state.

Tentomon: What is scale?

Part 2

It’s too bad they didn’t bring any photos with them to jog some memories. Even if it didn’t work, you’d think it would’ve been obvious. It’s not like they’re against bringing up their memories.

Machinedramon attacks and for some reason, his attack doesn’t erase everyone from existence. Saved by random plot hole I didn’t see? Okay. Everyone gets split up and only Sora and Kari have their respective Digimon. I wonder what interesting things will come of these very intentionally incorrect groups and T.K.’s hurt ankle! Nothing? They just regroup by going through conveniently placed plot holes? Sounds about right. But hey, Elecmon!!! Old locations!!!

Seems Yggdrasil’s a thing in this universe.

We learn that agent lady’s partner was Tapirmon and she lost it during her flashback. She pushed for the reboot to see Tapirmon again. Why Tapirmon didn’t get reborn as a Digi-egg I wouldn’t know. Why so sinister/secretive about wanting to see your partner again? She’s clearly still the villain type even if her intentions seem good. Knowing she was Digidestined and her motives earlier would’ve made her interesting and worth following. Perhaps I would’ve stopped referring to her as agent lady sooner than… never.

Oh, and Meiko’s here because… the plot needs her? She’s really important! Okay, we all knew she’d get here somehow, but offscreen? And for no reason? Super unfortunate that they cut to Meiko just as Sora’s in tears. It looked like this was missing a scene. I mean, it’s not like this installment’s about these two, right?

Part 3

Wait, so Izzy had photos the whole time? Why not share with the rest of the class or even Tentomon?

Kari saying the reboot was a good thing for Salamon is nice. No longer alone because of Gennai’s butterfingers.

So the kids learn that “Ken” was actually an avatar for “Gennai” who isn’t Gennai. So is this an avatar on top of an avatar? Um… what’s with “Gennai” licking Sora? Who had a MIGHTY NEED to get this greenlit? Almost miss the bathhouse/school festival guy(s)…

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did Gabumon’s Blue Blaster deflect Machinedramon’s attack? Come on… And Salamon’s soundwaves actually affected Machinedramon? Welp, who needs Megas? Why aren’t these two on the poster fighting him off?

So after four installments, we finally know the unfortunately generic story? Pro-Digimon entities don’t like humans crossing over and want a complete separation between the two worlds. Homeostasis chose the Digidestined and it was a bad thing they did the reboot because Yggdrasil wanted it? What were they supposed to do instead? All their Digimon were getting infected… When Homeostasis possessed Kari, it didn’t think to give the Digimon any solutions? Need more details the writers won’t give me.

Biyomon almost out of left field is cool with Sora all of a sudden. Wish there was more progression towards this…

Part 4

6 7
Okay, clearly they brought in the evil face guy from Yu-Gi-Oh! as a temp… They couldn’t write this guy a character so they have to draw over-the-top villain expressions/faces.

Marching Fishes was fun. Blue Blaster affecting Metalseadramon? Nope.

Agent lady finds Tapirmon. Why she knows its hers or why it Digivolved I can’t explain. It doesn’t remember her like the other Digimon and she goes nuts. Why the reboot erasing Tapirmon’s memories surprises her I also can’t explain. Granted, she wasn’t around when Gatomon explained this to the others last time, but you’d think she’d simply deduce this after years of scheming.

Through an underwhelming “because the plot required them to” scene, Agumon and Gabumon Warp Digivolve off screen. They didn’t really reconnect with Tai and Matt nor do they have their memories back, but they get their Megas because they need them. Why we STILL don’t have Digivolution sequences for Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon I can’t explain. They play Butter-fly because… I don’t know.

Wait, Salamon gets a sequence? I’m not saying she shouldn’t, but before Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon? Blasphemy! I guess they have to show off that state-of-the-art CGI.







And I guess Gatomon can speak without opening her mouth.

So, how is Sora not dead after being slammed into an ice mountain? That mindless Machinedramon sure is careful.

And of course Garudamon gets no screentime. I’ve criticized tri.’s action climaxes before, but at least the Ultimates get to hang around for a minute before they get their Megas. No, everybody goes straight to Mega. Not Ultimates first, lose in those forms, and in their desperation a miracle happens. Since they axed Warp sequences, there’s literally no reason not to do this other than it’s rushed and animating is hard. I really don’t understand why they can’t get this right. Gomamon and Togemon versus Imperialdramon? Why not Gomamon and Lillymon versus Imperialdramon? It’s not like we didn’t already see Togemon fight in tri.

“Gennai” is going after Meiko with his totally necessary behavior.

Does Meicoomon want to do anything about that? Maybe use those air slash projectiles you used against Meiko earlier? No? Stand there slack-jawed for 5-6 minutes of runtime instead? Okay.

Oh, good job dropping Sora and not catching her, Phoenixmon. Clearly, she’s still bitter. At least give the others a heads up that you’re going to straight up drop her. Leave it to old reliab- I mean sinceritable Joe to catch her like a pro.

And Patamon gets his Mega. Why not? Even though this entire installment wasn’t the least bit about you and Magnaangemon would’ve been enough. Not to mention he usually gets his Digivolutions last because he’s “The Special”. When Patamon gets a new level, IT SHOULD MATTER. Wait, Tentomon’s going Mega? Palmon and Gomamon could’ve done it too? It’s a Mega level bargain sale! It’s almost like this action climax was forced and pointless. There’s literally no tension nor is there an exciting battle here. Like I’ve complained about before, the action climax villains NEVER talk. Machinedramon and Metalseadramon? No lines. They need to be defeated because they’re dangerous, but what does defeating them mean for the story? What will we learn from it? Wouldn’t it have been more interesting if the real Dark Masters did come back and the non-Agumon/Gabumon Megas get to take them down? All the while giving exposition and interacting with the characters? No, of course not. Same as it ever was. Forced action climax and non-speaking villains because writing is hard.

Perhaps they’re making up for Herculeskabuterimon’s lack of action last time which was disappointing but this isn’t how you do that. You’re supposed to show off Phoenixmon (and I guess Seraphimon), you knuckleheads. The writers didn’t think three Megas against one was overkill? If they wanted Phoenixmon and Seraphimon to defeat Machinedramon, they could. Or at least make it so a third Mega was needed even if it doesn’t make sense that the two would lose. Phoenixmon and Herculeskabuterimon get attack names but I guess they couldn’t be bothered to give Seraphimon one.

Phoenixmon reverting to Yokomon while cycling through her other forms was pretty cool. Don’t know why it was only her (because animating is hard), but nice touch.

Meicoomon berserkly Digivolves and it just ends.

It’s nice they finally used Keep On! as an ending song, but like the others I vastly prefer the original. Meiko finally got to be in an ending sequence! Progress!?

Ultimate Reflections:
Hopefully we get five “episodes” next time to make up for how disappointing this was. For now, I don’t know if I hate this as much as the second one. Did they fire the Confession guys for making it too good (by tri.’s standards)? Like whoa, reign back the quality.

I really think they could’ve done more with ~75 minutes. After a flawed, but very strong installment with Confession, I expected the plot and story to start ramping up. I just don’t feel like much happened. Reconnecting with the Digimon could’ve been done faster and better. Cliche, but why not separate everyone to familiar locations from the original show and the Digimon regain their memories? I mean, the Digivices do whatever the plot needs them to most of the time, so it wouldn’t be too out of place. I just don’t feel anyone’s bond stood out like in Confession where things got quite emotional and I cared. As of now, the Digimon just happen to be friends with their partners, not best friends who’ve earned Megas.

The poster was such a lie. Tapirmon’s on it, but played no role. Same with Tai and Matt. Sure, they talk to Sora a little but don’t actually contribute to solving her non-problem. Biyomon being a jerk felt contrived and didn’t culminate into a moving scene between her and Sora which I thought was the point. Poor execution all around.

The action climax didn’t amount to anything other than get them out of danger. We got a lot of hints and story points, but not much in terms of advancing the plot or knowing the endgame. Meiko… exists. No word on the 02 kids. Agent lady and “Gennai” don’t have a conversation even though we ended on these two last time. I just don’t feel satisfied. Are we going to waste time with Piedmon and Puppetmon next time? They’re literal “cupcakes” now that we have Megas.

See you next time for the top 10 reasons Sora’s meatballs were integral to the plot.


4 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review – Digimon Adventure tri. 4 – Soushitsu (Loss)

  1. Hello, would you ever watch the 8th season of Digimon? Called Digimon Appli monster? I don’t’ think you would but I am, which I consider it as “good” anime for kids age

    • Reviewing it might be a different story, but I wouldn’t count out watching it though I currently do not have plans to. The original Digimon might be the best anime for kids I’ve ever seen despite its flaws.

  2. Oh and I believe the next movie seems to reeealllly focus on Meiko, although it is supposed to be shared between Kari. (Just guessing it from the trailer)

    • Thank you for reading. I tend to avoid the trailers so I can watch these blind. It’s hard to avoid the posters though so I’m aware Kari and Meiko are on it. Then again the Loss poster gave importance to things that either had no importance or were barely in the movie.

      It’s probably too late to matter, but it’d be nice if they finally did something with Meiko.

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