Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 80 (Universe Survival Arc)

What are you talking about? Frost’s poison needle thing got him disqualified…

This fight, while a bit underwhelming at points was certainly more enjoyable than Buu’s since it wasn’t a sure thing that Gohan would win. I really liked seeing Gohan utilize wits and tactics which I just don’t see enough of in Dragon Ball. There were a few times where he wasn’t Super Saiyan and blocked attacks in the air perfectly which seemed like bs, but I’ll forgive it. Refusing the Senzu and wanting to win with his merits was admirable as well. Though I don’t know why Goku asked Supreme Kai for the bag of Senzu. I was like “Goku, you better not be thinking about throwing Gohan’s opponent a Senzu again.”

Ugh, I don’t like that Gohan “won”, but the result was a tie. I kind of saw that coming. That’s the best I could hope for if Goku has to fight. I would’ve had Gohan win but the Zenos had so much fun they proceed with Goku’s match anyway.

They clarify some things like the current ranking of some of the universes. If 7 is second to last based on Buu and Gohan’s fights, we’re in trouble. Nobody other than Vegeta who’s currently absent is better than Buu. Not to mention universe 7’s a big place, but all the fighters reside on Earth. I don’t know what kind of twists they’ll add to make it more interesting but it’s pretty clear the other universes will have scrubs for the non-Saiyan/Buu characters from 7 to defeat.

Preview shows Goku wasting our time using Super Saiyan/2 against the final wolf guy who can turn giant. Yes, Goku’s in character here using lower levels to enjoy the fight more, but for the audience it’s tedious padding. Goku fights aren’t interesting unless he has an even or tough time while using Blue. Despite the risk of erasing universes, there’s no tension here that Goku might lose. I REALLY hope this fight doesn’t take two episodes.

Ultimate Reflections:
Nothing to get mad at yet. Though I can’t promise anything when it comes to Goku’s fight. This wasn’t a bad fight and Gohan got to shine in his own way. I hope the actual tournament comes sooner than later. I don’t want a string of filler after the exhibition match or some kind of one month period for universes to gather warriors. Just show Goku recruiting for 1-2 episodes and get to the tournament.


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