Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 77, 78, 79 (Universe Survival Arc)


Finally, a new opening. Much better than the last one though I don’t think it’s a song I’d keep in my player. Somewhat excited for 17 returning, but cautious after the disappointing Future Trunks arc where they teased me with a returning character but wrote garbage. Really, I’m just looking forward to 17’s interactions with the others. I doubt he plays a huge role. Some of the designs for the new characters are pretty lame. You might argue that’s just Toriyama and I agree. Still don’t care for them though.

Episode 77
Is there something… odd about the “textures” and “brightness in this episode? Probably someone’s style. I could tell something was up from the last episode’s preview.

So, Goku’s selling vegetables? Can’t imagine he’s making much and didn’t he take the reward money in the first episode? I don’t know how much Goten’s education costs, but does Goku still need to work? Also, he can drive now? Sure wish we got to see how that happened over what I went through with filler HFIL

Goku got a scratch from a bullet and says he must be getting rusty? What bozo wrote this in? He’s Goku. This is Dragon Ball. He gets ALL the action. And hey, Krillin’s doing his job the way he should be. Glad he… figured that out in his horrible two-parter.

It was nice seeing Goku hang out with Goten. I guess being the good guys that they are, Gohan and Goten still love their horrible father. It was also nice seeing Vegeta do the right thing and skip training to be with his family. Apparently, the writers remembered Bra was a thing.

I don’t like Beerus, but I think him threatening to destroy Goku might be my favorite thing he’s done. He’s technically doing his job and he’s not destroying for nonsensical and selfish reasons.

The first half of this episode was straight padding and filler. If you boil the episode down, Bulma’s pregnant and the tournament’s going to happen. Didn’t need twenty minutes to tell the audience those two things.

Episode 78
So, in this tournament of universes, the losing universes will be erased. I know a lot of people are saying Goku has doomed us all, but I’ll defend him a little in that he didn’t know that at the time. He clearly knows this is not okay. A little bit of the moral compass he sort of has is showing. Of course he shouldn’t have gotten the tournament started in the first place, but I think he would’ve passed if he knew about the erasing. Then again, I really doubt that all the losing universes will be erased. It’s just not going to happen. Maybe at least universe 9 to make an example of them.

Wasting time with an exhibition match… and if Goku only has to find two guys, no 17 yet but I’m content with Gohan if he gets a chance to shine. I like Buu, but I wish Goku grabbed Piccolo instead as his fights are guaranteed to be interesting if written like his fight with Frost. Perhaps some of that will show in Gohan’s fight.

I don’t even know how exciting or tense Buu fighting a kick expert would be. How does Buu not win this except for bad writing? You can’t really hurt or defeat Buu with physical attacks and there was no talk of ring outs here. Granted, the writers could use their expertise in bad writing to make Buu an incompetent fighter all of a sudden and he loses for no reason.

Episode 79
I hate this wolf guy. I hate his laugh. I hate his attitude. I hate his face. I hate his overconfidence.

I wish I had more to say about the episode, but this went exactly how I thought it would. No surprises. Buu doesn’t feel pain, especially from physical attacks. Without ring outs and if they don’t erase all traces of Buu, how do you beat him? He doesn’t tend to get knocked out.

Hopefully Gohan’s fight is more interesting because he doesn’t share Buu’s abilities. Already tired of the wolves though. I wish that team was more diverse in design though there’s plenty of new designs elsewhere. Universe 9 exists just to be fodder prior to the actual tournament, so why put in any effort?

It wasn’t said if this exhibition match would be best two out of three and while I believe that the third wolf will get to fight, I hope it isn’t Gohan’s job to lose so Goku can play cleanup and win for Universe 7…

Ultimate Reflections:
Given that 77 was basically padding/filler and we’ll waste what I assume is 3-5 episodes on this exhibition match, then there’s the aftermath and Goku recruiting the other seven, this is starting to look like another unnecessarily long arc…


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