Prime Reactions Review (Filler HFIL Edition) – Dragon Ball Super Episode 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76

I hope you appreciate what I do for you…

Yup, this episode was as bad and unfunny as I thought it’d be. Doesn’t help that Beerus and the Pilaf gang have to show up to pad the episode out. Instead of bad comedy and status quo when it comes to King Kai staying dead, just use the Namek Balls. I don’t even know why this running “joke” exists. Goku’s doing something decent and unselfish, but of course we can’t have that… Not that King Kai can’t “live” even if he’s dead, but I also feel bad for Shenron having to deal with these bozos all the time. Dude just wants to do his job and leave though I guess hearing him say “Goku” was new and we learn that like Vegito (ugh), Shenron also has a time limit.

Well… this might be the first time I heard someone yell “Objection!’ in Dragon Ball anything. That’s something right? I don’t know much about Dr. Slump other than seeing the characters in Dragon Ball and Arale having a decent card in Bandai’s Dragon Ball card game.

I will say that they certainly didn’t embrace being able to use these characters. Once again the writers have to force Beerus in over just giving us a real fight between Goku and Arale like the episode title promised (because animating is hard) or doing more with the Slump characters. I don’t know why Vegeta’s stuck on that branch at the end. Did the writers forget he can fly?

I guess someone remembered that Yamcha used to play baseball. Otherwise he hasn’t been in Super since what, Bulma’s birthday? Back in high school, Gohan played baseball once except that was good. Why is Goten in a team with Vegeta while Trunks is with Goku? Irrelevant because there wasn’t much actual baseball content. Goku got three outs and Yamcha got the team one point. This episode had its moments. I know everyone’s takeaway from this was Yamcha’s death pose which was another one of those decent callbacks. This is the closest Super’s gotten to Z’s driving episode, the pinnacle of Z’s filler.

Hey Goten, dad’ll find us out if we dress normally. Better put on my Great Saiyaman suit. By the way, I randomly have a child-sized one I keep in my secret compartment. This was beyond padded out. Really, there’s only under three minutes of legitimate content at the end. What? Someone’s after Goku’s life? Well, if he dies we can just revive him with the Dragon Balls, right? Wouldn’t we look silly if we yelled “Father!!!!!”  in a series where non-natural deaths have no consequences? Two-parter over in maybe four minutes. I made sure to check the episode preview and yup, Goku’s alive in it. Can’t you at least commit to your premise even if it’s obvious he isn’t dead forever.

Come to think of it, we haven’t seen King Yemma even once in Super… I did like Goku offering Goten a fist bump. Just a nice little moment. I’m sure to many this was the best filler episode next to the baseball one. I wasn’t too impressed. At best they promised a fight and we kind of got one. Goku never really explains any of Hit’s techniques which is disappointing. He just somewhat figures them out. Guess they’re saving the explanations for the tournament?

Barry Kahn? You mean this face?

Videl’s interactions with Gohan were great. Really helps sell the two as a couple. Also love Pan’s face here.

Good old Great Saiyaman Beam! One of my favorite moves! While I’m getting my Kyle Hebert Saiyaman fix from the new Kai episodes, I would watch this two-parter again just to hear him regardless of writing quality. I mean, why would the film crew commission a Great Saiyaman suit specifically from Bulma who coincidentally made the original for Gohan? Do film studios usually ask genius scientists to make the costumes? And a random filler girl finds out Great Saiyaman’s secret identity on a rooftop AGAIN?

Goku’s mediocre son… I guess Jaco missed all of Gohan’s greatest hits in Z. How is a closed curtain apartment less safe than the roof if this girl knew the plan was to get photographs? I suppose flying off the roof is safer than walking out the entrance, but an open rooftop is still pretty stupid especially if you kiss him… I quite like that Videl trusted Gohan enough to know the pictures were a ruse. Whoever wrote this was smart enough to avoid unnecessary and forced drama. Gohan gets knocked out instantly by the bad guy’s “first form”…? Very sad. Hey, Videl flew! Did Gohan really think he could take this guy without using any Super Saiyan? Could the idol girl and Videl not yell “Gohan!” at the top of their lungs especially with the movie crew right there? I guess the Kamehameha works whether you say it wrong like Goten or just saying whatever the heck you want. I do like that the villain’s memory wasn’t conveniently wiped and he’s instead reverse blackmailed.

Goku fighting Saiyaman was pointless padding, but it was drawn pretty well. I don’t know why Krillin doesn’t just run/fly after cars or why he’s such a scrubby officer. 18’s right. How does any of the main cast get shot? Is he trying to hide the fact he’s super strong and can use ki? Why? And that forced drama about Krillin being weak was gross… Didn’t we deal with that in Super’s garbage retelling of Resurrection ‘F’? And how out of place for the series was that music too? There’s no reason to go to Roshi’s other than forced nostalgia. I think it’s time Krillin properly trained with King Kai. He’s the only main human who hasn’t unless you count the Z anime after being eaten by Buu. We close with the cliche “fighting the spirits of past enemies” thing. Like Krillin isn’t smart enough to tell “It’s a trick!” The preview even shows Vegeta… who’s alive… There’s no danger here especially if Goku’s there. If anything, they should’ve had Krillin do this alone but no, we HAVE to force Goku in.

How could they justify twenty minutes of this? It felt like an eternity… I barely have anything to say. It exists and and its existence rendered me bored out of my mind… So Krillin wants to be a fighter again? What about his job? The peer pressure surrounding Krillin is so contrived and irritating. Gohan can have a family and career path, but Krillin can’t? Sigh… Also, did this really have to be two episodes? Couldn’t they have shown us what Tien’s up to instead? Maybe throw Launch in there? Finally, was it just me or did the preview for 77 have some odd filter over it?

In the grand scheme of things, this was a waste of three hours. There’s small moments in some of these episodes that were nice, but there’s nothing I would come back for content-wise.

I’ll get to 77 and adjust myself back to weekly reviews soon enough. Meanwhile there’s a certain movie coming out tomorrow that requires my immediate attention.


2 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review (Filler HFIL Edition) – Dragon Ball Super Episode 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76

  1. Thanks for your reviews! There were so much filler episodes that I couldn’t stand myself. But I’m looking for to the Universal Tournament Saga. Hopefully, it’ll be as good or better than the last Tournament Saga. Is the movie you speak of, Lego Batman? I’m planning to watch that and John Wick 2 sometime soon.

    • Well, thank you for reading! I’m not against filler if it’s good. To me, these weren’t even if others liked them. Though two months of filler would be grating either way. My expectations are low for the upcoming arc. I hope it surprises me, but this series has burned me too much.

      The movie was indeed The Lego Batman Movie.

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