Taking a Break from Dragon Ball Super?


Why haven’t you seen reviews for the last two episodes of Dragon Ball Super?

You may have noticed that I haven’t reviewed the last two episodes of Dragon Ball Super. Since the show’s on filler, I decided to pass on them. I didn’t even watch them yet. I’ve said before that there’s potential with these characters to do good comedy and fun episodes. However, short of the driving episode back in Z, I don’t feel like they’re giving their best on Super’s plot-less episodes.

Truth be told, I only started reviewing Super every week because Future Trunks came back and he’s subjectively my favorite Dragon Ball character. Plus it was a way for me to do more consistent content here. That said, with how poorly that arc turned out for me, I don’t have too much motivation to keep reviewing or even watching week to week. This filler period doesn’t help remedy that either.

If anyone wants me to continue even with these two episodes, let me know as I will gladly do it if I know people want to hear my take on them. I have some other posts lined up for December already so it’s not like the site will be devoid of content either way. Just a matter of what you come here for. After all…


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2 thoughts on “Taking a Break from Dragon Ball Super?

  1. Yeah the recent episode with baseball was actually tolerable. But the one before that was crap I couldn’t finish the episode. Good news! They’re finally releasing Z Kai Majin Buu saga and Super dubs in January.

    • I may take some heat for this because I’m not even giving the filler a chance. It could be good, but I’d rather spend time on other posts/shows. I’m essentially taking a break from Dragon Ball Super because Dragon Ball Super’s “taking a break” on me.

      On the dubs, good news for those waiting. I wish it was the old Toonami format of new episodes every weekday, because both of these shows are tedious to watch weekly especially with Super starting off with the worse and unnecessarily long retellings of Battle of Gods and Ressurection ‘F’.

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