Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 (Future Trunks Arc #21)


Last episode’s review –
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 (Future Trunks Arc #20)

Boy, they sure are getting a lot of mileage out of these two shots… Is there no one else we can check in on?


Is this Gowasu’s barrier? Pretty powerful dude to stop a Zamasu blast.


The “present” can see the Zamasu sky in the “future”. Beerus says this event in the future is affecting the present. It’s never really explained why this can be seen in the “present”, but if actions in the present can’t affect the future, why is what’s happening in Trunks’ timeline bleeding into the “present”? There’s never any actual applications making this pointless, but still. I’ll just chalk this up to Beerus being wrong again because he’s Beerus.

We see the payoff to the Zeno signal. There was no suspense as to how the Zamasu sky dies. Zeno was in last week’s preview and once again they spoil the episode’s pivotal moment. If there had to be a happy ending, I really wanted Goku to just use New Namek’s Dragon Balls in Trunks’ timeline to fix everything. Perhaps bring Future Gohan and the other fallen characters back if they kept their bodies. It actually makes sense and is simpler than shoving in the Zamasu sky and the forced Zeno cameo to justify the convoluted solution they came up with.

So, Zeno destroyed Trunks’ timeline… universe… I don’t know what it is anymore, but that Zeno was still alive and instead of going… wherever he lives unless he blew that place up too, Goku brings Zeno to his timeline/universe to make good on his deal to bring Zeno a friend. So, what exactly is Trunks’ timeline/universe now? But wait, there’s a time ring of Trunks’ timeline/universe they can send Trunks and Mai to? So this time ring was created as an alternate timeline where Beerus doesn’t destroy Zamasu. Isn’t that just Trunks’ timeline anyway? Or will this one have a Goku? If this time ring came from this timeline where Goku’s alive, but Goku Black will never happen, how would it be similar to Trunks’ timelime? Unless Trunks and Mai are just going to a near copy of this timeline… I think the writers are just as exhausted trying to explain things that they never fully understood themselves. Should’ve just went with the New Namek Dragon Balls.

I thought time rings were created from acts of time travel, but Beerus killing Zamasu in this timeline created a time ring? It’s one thing to say that for every action you take, there’s an alternate world where that action wasn’t taken. That seems to be the case, but if so, there should be an unlimited amount of these rings for every second, action, and thing that happens or doesn’t happen. Time ring creation doesn’t make any sense. Beerus wasn’t even aware he did it.

Apparently you can hang onto the time machine’s legs and time travel just fine…
which means they could’ve brought Piccolo along to perform the Evil Containment Wave instead of Goku wasting time learning it… only for it to fail miserably. They couldn’t figure out how Goku and Vegeta could escape this bad writing, so hanging onto the time machine’s legs is a thing now. I could give them the benefit of the doubt that Goku and Vegeta didn’t know they could survive like that, but it still comes off as silly.

As I said, the deal Goku made with Zeno gets resolved. It was a dumb reason to give Goku a cheat code he could’ve used way earlier. The way he convinced this Zeno he’s never met would’ve worked just as well at any point. That’s just more bad writing because Goku’s been near death enough to consider this. You can argue “Forgetting stuff! That’s our Goku!”, but that doesn’t stop it from being another on a long list of stupid incompetencies on our heroes’ part. Plus, having the Zeno signal the whole time simply removes a lot of the tension because if you remembered Goku had it, you know it’s coming. That’s generally not good writing and it wasn’t utilized here creatively or with a good reason other than to be a cheat code. As it is, this steals Trunks’ win from him… And here I was complaining that last week’s episode was anticlimactic…

Also, randomly casual info drop of the little Whis being Whis’ father. Why not?

Apparently, Whis could’ve fixed ALL of this forever ago, but Beerus said to not rely on gods so much… as Whis explains how he’ll fix everything anyway. Maybe they wouldn’t have to “rely” on you so much if you’d stop showing up all the time and butting into everyone’s business. If you don’t like it, stay home. Besides, for gods like Supreme, Old, and King Kai, they’re just doing the right thing. You’d think Beerus as a god of destruction couldn’t care less about things being destroyed regardless of who does it. He let Frieza run rampant after all. Was killing time-related villains in his job description? Does he even do his job anymore? He can just take off time to run a tournament for no legitimate reason?

18 randomly gets a line because the studio felt the need to pay her voice actress all of a sudden.

Gohan saying farewell to Trunks should have some impact, but as I said in my review of their “reunion” episode, there’s more in this for Trunks than the audience. Perhaps if they ever fought together or had a conversation with actual meaning, I’d buy it more. I can see why some would see value in this scene, but it doesn’t do anything for me. Also, why does Gohan’s hair look like it did during Buu?

The preview looks to be filler-y as Goku wants to FINALLY revive King Kai and I assume Bubbles and Gregory too, but we can’t make it too easy for him so OF COURSE we need Beerus to show up along with Roshi and a bunch of other shenanigans-starters… I wonder what the huge spoiler was in this week’s preview?

Ultimate Reflections:
Guys, we’re done! This arc is finally done! 21 episodes across more than 21 weeks of repetitiveness, incompetent protagonists, things that don’t make sense, things that aren’t funny, “Decepticons retreat!”, padding, and repetitiveness. Perhaps I’ll do a follow-up post about the arc in general. Where it failed and where it succeeded however little it did.

I don’t think there’s a more appropriate pair of screenshots that explains the length of this arc.

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