Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 (Future Trunks Arc #20)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 (Future Trunks Arc #19)

You know, as much as I like to bring up things characters should be doing to make the episodes stronger and more logical (but speed up the series and we can’t have that), I completely forgot Goku could stack Kaio-Ken on Super Saiyan Blue. You’d think he would’ve used this before. It’s legitimately ridiculous that he didn’t. Then he chooses to do it when he’s not fresh despite the strain?

So, it turns out that it wasn’t Buu’s stomach that defused Vegito the first time. Non-Gods just defuse after an hour… What am I going to do with all my copies of these?


I truly wonder what the point of splitting Kibito Kai was. I thought it was to establish that earring fusions can be defused. With this time limit, there’s nothing truly special to earring fusions. If anything, there’s literally no reason to ever not fuse other than the stupidity of the characters. I can’t fathom how convenient this is. Before the episode played out, I thought this was tacked on so Vegito wouldn’t be able to finish the fight. Guess what? That’s exactly what happened and Vegito didn’t even stall this time. There was already a defusing method established, so to throw this in is gratuitous. It cheapens the episode and Vegito’s appearance. Under permanent fusion circumstances, Vegito would destroy Zamasu especially considering how well the Saiyans did against Zamasu last episode with injured Goku’s attack shooting right through Zamasu’s at the start of this episode.

Vegito should’ve gotten his own eyecatch. I mean, how often is he going to show up? Lazy bums. It was nice seeing him again and acknowledging that he is a fusion between Vegeta and “Kakarot”. Vegeta was wearing his Saiyan armor when they fused. I don’t know why Vegito still has Vegeta’s outfit from during Buu. Only Fusion Dance outfits are preset. Final Kamehameha and Spirit Sword both appear along with a use of Instant Transmission. It’s a shame we didn’t see Big Bang Kamehameha, but perhaps that’s a Gogeta-only move. All the more reason to bring him back especially since the earrings, while effortless to use, now have an unnecessary time limit. Too bad they won’t make it happen because Vegeta and lousy writing.

More pretentious god dialogue from Zamasu that got old long ago. I don’t care about any symbolism and whatnot regarding him. It’s just repetitive at this point. I don’t care that by having a mortal body in him it conflicts with or reassures his convictions blah blah blah…

This face is fantastic.

Very appropriate reaction to Zamasu randomly crying and this arc in general.

So not only do the earrings have a time limit, but they also have the limitation that defuses super powerful beings faster. They may as well say the Potara were created by the Metamorese. So, what’s keeping them from fusing again? Did they forget to tack on the post-fusion wait period too?

Ugh, did I really just see that? How lame can you get?

I have to reiterate that Trunks’ new form is lazier in design than Super Saiyan Blue. After the first time he uses it, I can’t tell the difference without the aura or his pupils going away. Can’t they at least change his hair a bit? Still no Burning Attack… and this should’ve been the episode to do it. Instead, Trunks swings his giant sword around which he fixed by raising his sword to the sky a la He-Man.


I’m sure he always knew he could do that. That’s why after he broke his old sword on 18’s arm, he fixed it immedia… oh.

We get some deus ex Spirit Bomb ripoff with a side of somewhat reused Turtle and confused Android 8 stills.

6 7
8 9

Trunks looks just as surprised as Zamasu when that orb randomly appeared. Though if you told me he saw Z reruns where Goku used the Spirit Bomb, I’d believe Trunks could replicate that. This was over the top stupid. They didn’t win by skill. They didn’t with wits (clearly…). They didn’t even win with established techniques. Their victory boils down to human platitudes > god platitudes and convenient contrivances.

Not that I bring it up much, but Future Trunks is subjectively my favorite Dragon Ball character. With how much I despise Goku and Vegeta overshadowing others, I’d rather Vegito take the win. This finale just isn’t satisfying. Give me Cell and Kid Buu’s defeats any day. I am happy that Future Trunks finally has a major win as beyond giving Goku medicine, he doesn’t do or learn anything of importance. Regardless of how awesome Frieza and King Cold’s defeats were, they were barely fights. Same with Trunks defeating his Androids and Cell.

Vegito was pointless. Beyond egging on Zamasu’s mutation, if you just cut out Vegito’s part and have Trunks do what he did, it would’ve played out the same. It’s not like Vegito worked with Trunks which would’ve been nice, but Vegito doesn’t need Trunks. They had to circumvent so much regarding the earrings so Trunks could step in… and the writers couldn’t figure out how Trunks could defeat Zamasu, so they just randomly gave him a big sword to cut Zamasu in half. Vegito deserved better. Who knows when and if he’ll ever show up again even if they have zero reason not to utilize him.

Despite some bad shots, I will say that this was overall a pretty darn well drawn/animated episode which is a huge plus for Super. I mean look at these.

11 12

I suppose if they were going to make one episode look good, it better be this one even if it was written horribly.

The preview shows Zeno which we all saw coming.  Goku should just go to Namek in Trunks’ timeline and use those Dragon Balls to fix everything. Assuming the heroes got to keep their bodies, they and Bulma can come back too. It’s a bit too cheat codey, but if they’re going to just have Zeno do it, I’d rather they finally use Trunks’ timeline’s Namek Balls. Ideally, I’d prefer they just move on and rebuild like the last time Trunks saved his timeline, but more than likely they’ll just give everybody their happy, sappy ending.

Ultimate Reflections:
They just had to hit at least twenty episodes, didn’t they? I don’t know if the next one’s the last episode, but I am so done. This episode was very poorly written and structured. At best, they gave a little fanservice with Vegito and it was a well drawn episode. Otherwise, everything’s so stupid and contrived. I can’t imagine thinking differently regardless of how they close out the arc.


4 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 (Future Trunks Arc #20)

  1. Yeah. It was kind of ridiculous how Zamasu was crying, the kids motivating Trunks, Spirit Bomb randomly showing up up out of nowhere. But Trunks finally gets to shine but the ending was pretty anti-climatic *sighs*. At least give him SSB. I wonder if they’ll polish the season in the next episode of what exactly happened in the last episode. Other than that, like you said, very well animated. I’m surprised they didn’t stretch out the scene with Vegito further.

    • I don’t think they’ll polish anything. That we don’t even have a name or explanation for Trunks’ new “form” is already a testament to how much they care to address things. Vegito should be a big deal, but between ALL of Zamasu’s repetitive dialogue, the pointless scenes of this arc, and tacking on the time limit for earring fusions to deliberately cut his screentime, it makes total sense to have less Vegito over all that super important stuff we HAD to see… Fans don’t want more Vegito.

      Like I said, if they cut Vegito’s part and go straight to Trunks, nothing would’ve been lost. Couldn’t Vegito’s Final Kamehameha at least weaken Zamasu for Trunks to deal the final blow? No, of course not. That would make too much sense.

    • Considering Super’s record on animation, I would take more Vegito but poorly drawn over making him a footnote that didn’t matter. I know he didn’t really amount to anything in Z, but at least his episodes were fun and satisfying to watch.

      As much as I didn’t like how Trunks won last week, I REALLY hated that they so carelessly invalidated his win this week. And for what? To make good on the Zeno promise that didn’t need to be there? So THAT was the real endgame for the writers in this Future Trunks arc? What were they thinking…?

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