Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 65 (Future Trunks Arc #19)

Well, nothing happened this episode…

Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 (Future Trunks Arc #18)

Not an inaccurate statement by any means. You can boil this episode down to:

– Zamasu constantly spouting holier-than-thou dialogue
– Civilian scenes you don’t care about
– The heroes not dying instantly despite taking huge hits because the plot needs them to live
– Trunks doing better than he should because the plot needs him to
– Father-Son Galick Gun which should be really cool, but since it didn’t amount to anything, who cares?

Honestly, if you just watched the preview for next week’s episode, would you have missed anything? They don’t talk about fusing. No strategy. No revelations. If they were competent about structure, they would’ve spent some of the episode exploring their one option and end it like so…

1 2 3 4

Instead, they remove ANY gravity to these two bozos fusing by once again carelessly spoiling it in the preview. Why do they keep doing this? That’s twice in a row. How incompetent is the episode preview department? You know, I actually skipped to the preview before the actual episode. I saw Vegito and in an out of character moment, I got pretty excited. I thought I was going to see them have a dumb conversation about fusing and end it on Vegito. Instead, NONE of that was present. He’s already fighting in the preview, so I wonder how rushed next week will be considering how many absolutely necessary scenes I sat through in this episode.

Despite that, I have no choice but to talk about Vegito appearing more than the actual episode.

While Vegito makes more sense, I’ll always be a little disappointed that Gogeta doesn’t yet exist. I don’t see Vegeta ever bothering to practice the fusion dance with Goku and the time limit hurts, so we may never get him. I think it would’ve been funny if Vegeta was knocked out and no earrings were around. Then Goku would have to fuse with Trunks. He shows Trunks the fusion dance one time and through his mastery of jigsaw puzzles and learning techniques effortlessly offscreen, he does the dance perfectly to create… Gokenks! Trunku?

So, I’ll address the Oozaru in the room. Goku and Vegeta will actually fuse. I’ve long complained about them not doing it thinking that with Goku all of a sudden not liking help from others and Vegeta wanting to surpass Kakarot once again, we wouldn’t see them fuse. I know I had no evidence, but with how poorly this arc and Super in general was structured, could you blame me? I concede that I was incorrect. Still think this all could’ve been put together better. The way it is, there’s no buildup to what should be awesome.

Why Supreme Kai and Gowasu appear, but don’t bring the idea up is just more bad writing. It’s the first thing Kibito Kai did before the Kid Buu fight. Fusion was never brought up as a solution even if there are no consequences to it anymore. If Kibito Kai can simply defuse by using the Dragon Balls, the one drawback to Vegito is gone. There is literally no reason not to fuse all the time now. I don’t even know what in-story purpose there is to splitting Kibito Kai. Just to show that defusing earring fusions is a thing?

They’d rather waste time bringing the Evil Containment Wave back just for it to fail miserably rendering a clever callback to simple padding. I mean, Zamasu’s still immortal… Vegito appearing doesn’t change that.

Random Kame House and Android 8 cameo. Why we don’t see what Roshi, Puar, and Oolong are up to is beyond me. You know who we really needed to see? Yajirobe!

Trunks’ sword finally breaks in this series. The beam clashing in this episode was ridiculous and really downplays how strong Zamasu is, especially when Trunks/Goku can somewhat hold off an attack by himself. Again, the Father-Son Galick Gun was cool, but something like that should be used to better effect.

Then, among some decent shots there are some awful shots like these…
5 6 7

Ultimate Reflections:
While the episode was action-packed, it just wasn’t an episode I needed to watch. Zamasu not instantly leveling the city or killing even one of the three wasn’t believable at all. It’s just padding to get to the real fight we need and deserve. Z Vegeta, thoughts?



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