Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 (Future Trunks Arc #18)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 (Future Trunks Arc #17)

Black claims that Vegeta’s anger over his son being hurt makes him strong. Nice sentiment, but I must repeat that not even that will get Vegeta to cooperate with Goku. Goes to show how much Vegeta’s willing to sacrifice for his son not that Goku’s any better.

Black’s new “technique” is garbage. All it did was pad the episode out. So, he can use an energy scythe to open a rift that creates clones of Black? And… what else? These clones don’t seem to be using strength in numbers to kill Goku and Vegeta. They more or less just stand there all copy/pasted to show how much effort went into this.


If they aren’t as strong as Black or even close, what’s the point? For comparison, at least Gotenks’ Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack was fun and gimmicky. It was an actual attack that had some memorable visual elements. This was just plain lazy.

Trunks was able to fix the urn offscreen, but it’s still quite cracked. Zamasu charges towards Trunks, Bulma, and Mai. Bulma apparently recorded Piccolo demonstrating the Evil Containment Wave and it’s up to Trunks to learn it within minutes… which he does perfectly even though it took Goku all night to get it right. I guess that jigsaw puzzle mastery and offscreen learning of Galick Gun and Final Flash makes Trunks a super genius. The problem is that they spoiled Black and Zamasu fusing in last week’s preview removing all tension since I know the technique will fail. Good job, guys.

While it did fail, it wasn’t for the reason I expected. I won’t say this tops the other stupidities I’ve seen in Super, but it’s pretty close. Trunks succeeds in sealing Zamasu, but they don’t have the sealing charm… Roshi still has it even though Piccolo must’ve told Bulma they needed one. This is so anticlimactic. I understand it was played for laughs, but it’s not funny. What a complete waste bringing this technique back. Despite being a clever idea to deal with an immortal, I’d rather they not do it at all if this is the result. It’s not even that Zamasu broke out of a sealed urn or Black freed him. It was the goofy nature of our “heroes”. If Roshi did the charm on the urn, shouldn’t he also hand Goku the seal? I mean, if the writers aren’t going to take this seriously, why should I? I hope they chortled their butts off writing this, because there are no laughs to be heard from me.

I finally have confirmation that Black can use Instant Transmission. I kind of saw him touch his head once, but this is the first time he does it clearly. Makes me wonder why he doesn’t use it in battle… To me, it’s the most useful move in the series.

Like other big moments in Super, Black and Zamasu fusing is literally the final seconds of the episode… removing all excitement such a scene would have because they spoiled it in last week’s preview. So, what kind of jaw-dropping spoiler are we getting in the preview for next week? Nothing. No reveals. Nothing to speculate on. Just nothing.

Ultimate Reflections:
I’m really ready for this arc to be over. Even though it looks like this might be wrapping up (relatively speaking), the broken urn, Black’s clones, Evil Containment Wave fail, the repetitive villain monologues, and similar padding methods are just clear signs that they’re stretching this as far as they can and not for artistic reasons. To put it into perspective, this is Super’s 64th episode. GT ended in 64 episodes…


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