Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 (Future Trunks Arc #17)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 (Future Trunks Arc #16)

So it seems the bozos in Japan finally got their priorities straight and allowed this show to be streamed. No word on a dub, but I guess they crunched the numbers and realized that some money is better than no money.

Vegeta being the butt that he is “exits” the room by blowing it up. Hey jerk, Dende and Popo live there…  Eh, I’m sure Dende will magically have it all fixed in a jiffy with no Dragon Ball help.

Aw… no rice cooker? And you’re only bringing one? What if you need to seal Black too?

So, Trunks can effortlessly access his new “form”. No training required! Still no name or details on what it is.

Trunks’ fight with Black had some pretty good art. I really liked that Trunks used his sword against Black’s energy blade. I don’t remember after all their pointless encounters if that happened before, but if it hasn’t, it’s about time.

As was carelessly spoiled in last week’s episode preview, Trunks uses Galick Gun for the first time. This eyecatch paid off after all!


I guess he’s going the Goku route where he steals everyone else’s techniques instead of creating his own. There’s only one Piccolo! It’s only matter of time before we see Trunks use Big Bang Attack.

So, why exactly did they bring Bulma this time? To conveniently fix the time machine in case it breaks? Oh, look it broke. Good thing she conveniently came… I was thinking this would be Goku and Vegeta’s last visit, but I guess now they can continue to yell “Decepticons, retreat!” if things go south again.

Goku forgetting key items once again… The time machine breaks and the urn with it. Why didn’t anyone tell him to keep it in a capsule, bring extra, or let Bulma hold it? She usually has things covered. I mean, where did she get a functioning water hose to put out the time machine fire?

Supreme Kai and Gowasu pointlessly arrive to contribute nothing despite us thinking it would amount to something. At best Gowasu gives Zamasu a stern wag of the finger before helplessly collapsing to the ground. Gowasu does tell Zamasu to use the Dragon Balls to revive his victims, but both the earth and super Balls are gone. Goku could easily take a trip to New Namek if he really wanted to. I assume after it’s all over he will thus putting to rest the “issue” of why no one uses the Namekian Dragon Balls in Trunks’ timeline.

So, it’s okay for Supreme Kais to use time rings and time travel, but Beerus can’t take a ride in the time machine? Why not? Sure, Trunks’ time ring is under Gowasu’s (for some reason) care, but Beerus said that “gods” can’t time travel, not gods of destruction. I don’t know if the writers have all this ironed out…

Goku brings up a good point about this world’s Whis not being around. Turns out Whis is an angel and that if a god dies, so does his/her attendant. That’s an even bigger ripoff. So, if Beerus dies, he takes Supreme Kai AND Whis with him? Is Kibito tied to Supreme Kai? If so, you get a four for one deal on killing Beerus… Though we haven’t established if killing an attendant kills their god. Makes me wonder why all Kais don’t train to be fighters. Not that they have 0 training, but not one comes close to Zamasu who is far stronger than he should be and I’m not referring to his immortality. He’s doing way too good against Super Saiyan Blues when he initially lost to Super Saiyan/2 Goku.

So, Bulma brought an entire garage with her in case the time machine breaks, but didn’t think to bring an extra containment device? I’m aware of the container needing a charm, but you can just write it on.

Instead of helping Goku and Vegeta fight with his newfound power before the enemies do something unexpected, Bulma wants Trunks to help put the urn back together with the “Kra Gl e”.


I mean it’s not like super genius Bulma or Mai who’s uselessly standing there can’t do it. Not to mention that in the Dragon Ball manga, Tien failed using the Evil Containment Wave because the rice cooker was cracked. This urn is pretty cracked. I know they’re using the “Kra Gl e”, but will it be enough?

It’s pretty silly that Vegeta can overpower Black by spending less than half a day (year) training. I really wonder how self-training works. For Vegeta to not only catch up to Black but beat him down badly is just another of those stupidly unbelievable “power level moments”.

So, Zamasu and Black fuse… there goes another anime episode preview that carelessly spoils something that could’ve been a surprise for no reason. No doubt Goku and Vegeta will see that and go “Nah”. It’s weird Zamasu and Black never fused instantly considering each wears an earring that makes up a pair. Heck, Supreme Kai and Kibito fused just by taking their opposite earring off so you don’t even need earrings from the same pair. I suppose Gowasu and Supreme Kai sticking around may not be completely pointless. That’s two pairs of earrings ripe for a Vegito appearance. HA! Yeah, right. With Vegeta once again saying he’s better than Kakarot despite conceding that he isn’t in Z pretty much rules out fusion. I don’t know what their tipping point will be, but if there ever is one, it’ll be super contrived as they don’t fuse here.

Ultimate Reflections:
This was by no means a bad episode. It had good but gratuitous action which was fun. However, there was a lot of stupidity that could’ve easily been solved with some rewrites or common sense. That they’re padding this out with the broken urn is really irritating. At least make it not work the first time or something. They built it up fine last week, but then we get this…


6 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 (Future Trunks Arc #17)

    • I should’ve mentioned that the action beyond Trunks’ fight was good as well by Super’s standards. Really, the only scene that irritated me to watch was Mai trying to snipe Black. Unless the comes back again because it really didn’t look like she did anything, it was pretty pointless. Black and Zamasu will definitely fuse since it was in the preview. Whether or not our bungling heroes will fuse or not in response is the real question though I can guess they won’t because of bad writing.

      • Haha. Good point. I had missed the preview but watched it today. At least they got the “Blackasu” or “Zamablack” right. But knowing our heroines, Goku and Vegeta would mess it up doing the fusion dance but since the earrings are in close proximity they could use those. I forsee it happening… Super Saiyan Blue Fusion!

      • They could use the earrings, but I’m still leaning towards the two bozos refusing. Ever since Dragon Ball came back, Vegeta’s reverted to wanting to top Kakarot and Goku thinks working with others isn’t “using his own power” even if some of his techniques require other people. I’ve given up on seeing the two fuse. Too much bad writing to do the obvious. Vegeta doesn’t even know the fusion dance and the permanent-ness of the earrings is a turnoff for them unless they can conveniently defuse. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we see Vegito.

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