Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 (Future Trunks Arc #16)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 (Future Trunks Arc #15)

For all my talk of Trunks doing the Super Saiyan God ritual to throw him a bone, I never considered simply giving him a new form. Could it be something exclusive to half-Saiyans? There’s some blue aura in there. Is it related to Super Saiyan Blue in any way? The missing pupils in Trunks’ eyes are similar to Broly’s Legendary Super Saiyan form and Goku’s False Super Saiyan form in Lord Slug. Any connection?

So, what is this form?

What’s it called?

How’d he get it?

What’ll it amount to?


I can only answer the last one which is: nothing. At best it’s an excuse to power up Trunks, but not let him defeat anybody. The aura doesn’t remain all the time to keep up its appearances (because animating is hard) and Trunks regains his pupils taking away both of this “form’s” unique traits. It’s not like he lost power from the re-pupiling or anything, so why do it at all? I also like how Vegeta doesn’t comment on this new “form”. Instead, our heroes yell “Decepticons, retreat!” once again.

It’s nice to see Masenko and what looked like a yellow Buster Cannon but come on, bring Burning Attack back. Though I have a guess as to why they don’t (because animating is hard). Let’s also consider that they used the Zamasu/Black energy combo scene twice.

I don’t usually give Vegeta a lot of praise, but leaving some Senzu in the future is something I was hoping they’d do. More so after all this was resolved, but good start. Let’s hope they restock before next week though I bet they won’t.

As I mentioned with my Transformers reference, they leave the future again. The next time they go back, they better stay there until the arc’s over. I got a little irritated that just because they went back to the past it’s an excuse to bring in all the irrelevant characters to waste time. I don’t doubt that kid Trunks would want to help and Gohan would feel bad, but do we really need to see that? Does it amount to anything? Do you really care what Chichi’s up to? Really, Piccolo and Bulma are the only ones that needed to be there.

So when I bring up irrelevant characters, I have to talk about Beerus. Smug punk that he is, he still thinks he’s right until he realizes he’s wrong. If he at least had evidence for his claims or what he claimed has happened before, I wouldn’t take more jabs at him, but as it is this unlikeable bozo has to make claims he can’t back up. At least he’s taking some responsibility. How “adult” of him, a compliment reserved only for children, not actual adults.

Vegeta explains to the irrelevant characters the plot because they and the audience really need to know this. He says this world’s Zamasu became Black, something I still don’t understand. Even if it’s an alternate timeline which is my only answer to this, don’t call him “this world’s” Zamasu. It’s confusing. How are kids supposed to understand what Vegeta’s explaining when they saw Beerus kill “this world’s Zamasu”?

Vegeta says that Black and Zamasu being the same person results in perfect teamwork. Hey, maybe you guys should try this teamwork thing. Remember how Vegeta admitted that Kakarot’s better than him and they worked together to make the Spirit Bomb? Or Vegeta agreeing to fusion to defeat Buu? It’s really nice that Vegeta cares about Future Trunks and wants to save his world, but he’s not doing everything in his power to help. It’s more irritating than endearing that he still won’t work with Goku or consider fusion. Those were literally their only reasonable options at the time. Supreme/Old Kai and Kibito randomly have their earrings back too so Vegito isn’t off the table. It’s a good thing they didn’t bring Goten and kid Trunks because if Future Trunks saw them fuse, he’d wonder why Goku and Vegeta don’t do it.

Piccolo brings up the Evil Containment Wave as a solution to Zamasu and/or Black. Similar to Bulma bringing out Cell’s time machine when Black destroyed Trunks’, utilizing old elements in the franchise especially after so long is very welcome and a sign that you know what you’re doing. Too bad there isn’t more signs that they do. I’ve brought up that if you can’t kill an immortal, you knock them out and jail them. This is the closest thing to that besides Buu’s egg and the Z Sword in Dragon Ball lore, so I’m looking forward to some rice cooker action.

I’ve complained that Super’s pacing is really bad, but even if it moves the plot along, I don’t like Goku learning the technique in one night. I’d rather Piccolo go to the future to do it instead. With Trunks able to fight somewhat evenly along with Goku and Vegeta, that should be enough to hold off Black and Zamasu while Piccolo could come in at the right time to perform it, but Piccolo isn’t Saiyan so he stays home.

There’s nothing in the preview that looks promising other than Trunks using Galick Gun. Just action scenes without a rice cooker or any signs of the Evil Containment Wave. I’ll bet it doesn’t work or they’ll still have to fight Black. I’m not convinced this is finishing up soon even if I’d like it to and they have the means to do so.


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