Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 (Future Trunks Arc #15)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 (Future Trunks Arc #14)

I don’t even want to dissect Zamasu’s “plan”. I’m not sure I fully comprehend it, so expect lots of questions.

Is the Zamasu who is now Goku Black from another timeline where he lost to Goku? Can’t be the one from “our” timeline since he’s dead. He didn’t even have a time ring at the time, so what’s he saying about having a time ring means the past doesn’t affect him? We just established that alternate timelines are still in place, so is he saying that because of the time ring, Beerus killing him in “our” timeline would’ve killed Black if he didn’t have it? Does that mean Beerus was right? I hope not…

Black used a time ring to go to Trunks’ future to get that Zamasu to work with him. Why exactly did it have to be Trunks’ future’s Zamasu? Convenience for the plot? And I don’t really know how a time ring works anymore. Does it go to alternate timelines which is what creates them or simply to the future like when Zamasu and Gowasu check on the “humans” 1000 years ahead? What was with Black leaving the “past” the first time?

That hug was so silly. I wish I could’ve mustered some laughter. Though spending quality time with me, myself, and I at their country cabin probably cut into their zero humans plan. Otherwise they’d be done already.

Not only did they destroy all the Super Dragon Balls, but killed all the gods as well. Are you telling me Black killed Beerus? I don’t know about that… I hate Beerus, but that’s a tall order. Then they’re going to kill all “humans” and by this point, I suppose that means anything that can talk.

We waste two minutes detailing that Zamasu killed Chichi and Goten. Granted, this gave us when the switch happened. It was after Buu when Goku had his farming job before he ever met Zamasu or Beerus… Makes sense to me!

Goku gets mad which doesn’t actually amount to anything. Why he can fight so well with a hole in his body when he couldn’t do anything with a smaller hole in him during Resurrection ‘F’ I wouldn’t know. I guess F’s hole was close to his heart? Nothing we couldn’t figure out, but Black has been getting the near-death boosts to become stronger.

Why does Zamasu even know what Trunks has been doing regarding time travel? Does the creation of a time ring also play the episodes that led to its creation? Why would a Universe 7 alternate timeline’s ring end up in Universe 10? They aren’t even labeled and all look the same. Unless Black gained Goku’s memories which I doubt, Zamasu lives in Universe 10. Why should anything that happens in Universe 7 be it past or future be known to him? Now they’re saying that this is all Trunks’ fault. Were it not for him saving Goku, Zamasu would never have gotten Goku’s body.

I suppose that’s correct in a sense, but it’s all still Goku’s fault for challenging Zamasu to a fight. Zamasu would’ve always come to hate “humans”. That had nothing to do with Goku or Trunks. Black calling the kettle Trunks because they’re abusing time travel too. With any logic, Trunks would’ve pointed this out, but he doesn’t because random power up.

I should be excited but… meh. Besides the missing green in his eyes, there’s nothing special about the design, an unfortunate and lazy trend with Super’s new forms. Did his hair spikes get spikier? More defined? He’s got an aura…! I guess if you want to make Trunks ascend, just make fun of his efforts and shove all the blame on him. Don’t give him anything for his mother dying or when Mai “died”. That would make too much sense. Unless this randomly puts him on par with angry Blue Goku which is a huge stretch, it won’t matter. However this has to matter, so more than likely he’s on par with angry Blue Goku. Logic!


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