Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 (Future Trunks Arc #14)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 (Future Trunks Arc #13)

I do like how Future Trunks is still skeptical of Beerus’ claim as he should be. He has clearly seen Dragon Ball Z episode 139.

We could just go to the future, but let’s pad the episode out with a pointless eating scene.

Goku won’t forget the Senzu this time! Proceeds to not know where they are…

Beerus won’t go because it’s taboo. Sure… He’ll gladly help a different universe where he has nothing to gain and it isn’t his jurisdiction, but not an alternate timeline where the same person he killed is wreaking havoc.

Future Trunks spends an unnecessarily long amount of time explaining alternate timelines and the effect the Androids had on his life. I don’t hate this scene, but did we really need to watch it? Did it have to take up a third of the episode? Fans coming in from Z don’t need this information and acclimating new fans to this information doesn’t affect the story. Just explain alternate timelines and move on.

I did like the stills they drew for Future Trunks defeating the Androids in his timeline because they’re… you know, good. It’s unfortunate that this episode in Z wasn’t one of their best looking ones.

18’s face is pretty out of character. I can’t imagine her with those eyes.





Oh, so kid Trunks read in a book that changing the past affects the future? Was it this book?

Looks like Bulma wants to go. I don’t know how much she’ll contribute, but making sure Goku had the Senzu’s good enough for me. And good for her giving Trunks his jacket back. Couldn’t let her future son cosplay as General White forever.

I can’t believe we burned half an episode on all this when the episode promised to reveal Goku Black’s identity…

Those insanely old and outdated eyecatches are back…

Hooray! Beerus was dead wrong! I like when Beerus is dead wrong.

Ugh, Future Trunks baby birding a Senzu into Mai’s mouth… Subtle. I refuse to believe that her offscreen encounter left her in such bad shape that she can’t eat the bean. Other characters have had it waaay worse than her and ate a bean fine. Imagine if Krillin had to baby bird beans to everyone after the Vegeta and 18 fight…

Their Senzu count matches up with what Goku took from Korin, but you’d think they’d take extra or give Trunks some to keep.

Our “heroes” head toward the villains without a plan. I really hate that they don’t bring up fusion. It doesn’t surprise me that they aren’t using it, but at least bring it up as a possibility. Goku complaining about Super Saiyan God not being his own power and Vegeta generally being against it might mean we’ll never see Gogeta in the show. It seems no matter the threat, even one they allowed to escalate this far will cause them to activate logic and fuse to win instantly.

Instead, Vegeta turns Blue and rushes Black like that’s going to be any more effective than last time. So, the plan this time is to defeat Black. I guess that’s why they didn’t do very well last time. They wanted to defeat Black, but defeating Black wasn’t part of the plan. So, how do you defeat Black? Er… you defeat him. You gotta prioritize. Can’t defeat someone without making sure defeating them is part of the plan.

The huge mystery behind Goku Black’s identity. The episode title they carelessly shoved into the final seconds of the episode. The thing that’s kept people interested since the beginning of this arc… boils down to this.


I know I’m not the only one who’s disappointed. Very anticlimactic for how much buildup there was. It seems like a lazy cheat code similar to time remnants in The Flash.

Next episode we get more exposition about how that all happened and more about the zero humans plan. I hope there’s a lot more fighting beyond that because I need this arc to just end. How much longer can they drag this out? The fatigue set in long ago and no amount of explaining this glorified Ginyu technique is going to make me like it. By the way, your zero humans plan? Super Buu did it and with more ease than these two bozos could ever imagine.


8 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 (Future Trunks Arc #14)

    • We did. I didn’t explicitly say who he ended up being though I did bring up Ginyu’s technique. I can see how my framing might’ve made it unclear. I’ll make an edit. Thanks for reading and sorry for any confusion.

      • IMHO, it was one of the better episodes of this saga because it clarified a lot of things with the timelines. A little disappointed in how fast Zamasus was “dismissed” by Beerus in the present as I was expecting a little more but I can how they wanted to get to the future timeline. Good point on the fusion. I wonder how a SSB fusion would look like. Also, it’d be cool to see Trunks reach SS3 like in the games. But if Zamasu switched with Goku then who switched over to Zamasu’s body? There’s no way that Goku and Vegeta could defeat Black/Zamasu together even in a fused state. There has to be some divine intervention that comes to play or another wish with the dragon balls?

      • Yes, I am glad that they finally confirmed alternate timelines. I just wish it was done ten episodes ago because any Z fan would’ve known this information already while the show danced around/ignored this fact for 13 episodes. The padding was so in my face with this episode where if instead of spending half the episode on eating and pointless talk, they just went to the future, we’d see Trunks was right the whole time anyway. Explaining the Androids being evil to kid Trunks isn’t going to matter to him, the plot, or the new audience. Kid Trunks shouldn’t even be aware of an Android 17. When they call the episode “Goku Black’s Identity Revealed”, that moment shouldn’t be a footnote for the final seconds of the episode.

        Because Super Saiyan Blue and God are lazy repaints, Blue Gogeta would be just that: Super Saiyan Gogeta with blue hair. Say what you will about GT, but at least they put some effort and creativity into Super Saiyan 4’s design with bringing back the tail and ape form along with changing Goku’s attitude while he’s using 4.

        I’m hoping Future Trunks gets something out of this, though if he didn’t get anything from Bulma dying (or his precious Mai) and he got Super Saiyan 2 offscreen for reasons unknown, I don’t know what’ll give him Super Saiyan 3 not that it matters compared to Blue Goku/Vegeta. It’s a concern I addressed in a post before the arc started. Unless he’s on par with Goku and Vegeta, he’s useless as a fighter unless the plot makes him useful. It’s why a few episodes ago I was hoping they’d take extra Saiyans to give him the red Super Saiyan God or just do the ritual before they go so if he gets Blue, it’d make a little bit of sense. That’d be something cool for him, but it’s evident that’ll never happen.

        If Zamasu took Goku’s body, Goku ended up in Zamasu’s body and the now “Goku Black” killed Goku in Zamasu’s body. It was said in this episode.

        I think Gogeta or Vegito could easily defeat Goku Black and incapacitate Zamasu which is all they’d have to do. Without his immortality, Zamasu isn’t that much of a threat to Goku or Vegeta.

  1. I thought Zamasu had said he had Goku switch with some normal guy so he could easily kill him? Maybe I miswatched that part. But with Zamasu being immortal, how would you trump that without being at God status. I don’t think at the fused state, they would reach that power. But interestingly, I’ve seen some clips of the next episode and it looks like Trunks gets some shine finally.

    • It’s not so much that they need to kill Zamasu. If he’s immortal, you just need to at least be stronger than him to where he can’t do anything to you. Then you knock the guy out and jail him or something along those lines. There have been plenty of characters in Dragon Ball that have been sealed or sent away. Anyone have a spare Z Sword?

      • Which makes me wonder… is the sword that he is using now the Z sword from before? It’s quite different and I remember it breaking in the movies and against Android 18. It likely is the same sword but maybe modified? IDK.

      • It’s something I brought up in one of my previous posts. If he actually met Supreme Kai and fought Dabura/Babidi, I feel like Supreme Kai would’ve brought up the Z Sword to Trunks. It would’ve made perfect sense as Trunks was a swordsman already. However, this isn’t the Z Sword nor is it his original sword. We obviously don’t know anything about its origins, but it’s definitely new. The only sword breaking that mattered is against 18. He also broke it on Super Android 13 which didn’t count and it was completely intact in Bojack.

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