Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 59 (Future Trunks Arc #13)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 (Future Trunks Arc #12)

This is the most helpful Beerus has ever been. Look at him contributing for the good of the plot. Offering to kill Zamasu if there’s an assassination attempt on Gowasu? If only he went to the future with everyone and took out Goku Black… I don’t think it’s his job to destroy villains so I don’t know why he spontaneously did this. At Zamasu’s current level, any of the Saiyan heroes could’ve killed him, but it’s a big deal to people because Beerus got off his lazy butt.

Future Zamasu and Goku Black are hanging out at their summer cottage? What is this place? It’s so full of nature and non-destruction. So I guess only Future Trunks’ city is conveniently in shambles?

We learn that Goku Black isn’t immortal which is stupid because there’s no logical reason not to become immortal. Oh, he’s satisfied with the power of Super Saiyan Rose? Something he didn’t always have? Well, can’t argue with that!

Zamasu mentions that his now titled plan, the Zero Humans Plan®TM© requires the power of humans. You gotta make sure you have those humans. It’s the first ingredient of the plan. You can’t zero out the humans without the humans.

In all seriousness, I wonder if they’re setting up a Spirit Bomb to erase all humans. Knowing that Goku Black can use the Kamehameha and I saw what I believed to be Instant Transmission, the Spirit Bomb’s not out of the question. Black may not be pure of heart, but Cell claimed he could use it. He had no reason to lie there, so who knows?

Cut to pointless scenes of Mai and those two kids, Vegeta training in his red room, and Bulma fixing the time machine we didn’t know had problems.

Future Trunks mopes around while Pilaf and friends do a pointless and unfunny comedy bit. Kid Trunks starts hitting himself until Future Trunks thanks him for whatever he did.

TWO brand new eyecatches, something the Super guys just can’t keep consistent.

Oh look, it’s that convenient deus ex time reverse trick. It’s almost like many things have no consequence if Whis is wherever the plot is.

Kitten Mittons saved the day!

1 2

Zamasu being an idiot for not dispelling his energy hand thing.

You know, you guys are talking too much. If for some reason Zamasu lived, you basically told him his plan worked by describing the future, perhaps giving him more ideas than he thought of at the time.

Beerus says that destroying Zamasu here means Black will never come to exist. For the first time in Super, Future Trunks brings up the alternate timeline situation where his future did not change after defeating Cell. Good Trunks! Beerus tells him only foolish humans think that. Gods destroying each other MUST change the time stream. How convenient, killing gods can circumvent alternate timelines.

Immediately after this and the ending sequence, the preview shows that Beerus was dead wrong by showing Future Zamasu and Goku Black alive and well. Oops. Are you trying to tell me that the alternate timeline thing Z established all those years ago is still in place? Most unorthodox.

Future Trunks is back in his standard Super outfit. I don’t like that he and Goku are just standing there while Vegeta fights Black alone. What changed from last time? Do you guys want to defeat the villains or not? At least they’re consistent at their lousy writing…

Ultimate Reflections:
This wasn’t a bad episode. Some unnecessary scenes, but pretty bearable overall. Definitely did not like how sure Beerus was about changing the future. Incompetent writers threw in the “a god did it” cheat code to get around how time travel works in Z. There could be a monkey wrench in the next episode to show that both Z and Beerus are correct despite Black and Zamasu doing fine, but at this point I don’t think I’ll buy their answer if there is one. How much longer is this arc?


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