Prime Reactions Review – Digimon Adventure tri. 3: Kokuhaku (Confession)

It sucked.

Just kidding. I can’t believe I have to say something good about tri…. Please bear with me for another long Digimon post.

Part 1

So it turns out the “preview” I saw with the tri. dub was just the first ~9 minutes of this. I guess that makes it less random even if the scenes don’t exactly lead into each other.

Agent man wonders why he’s so out of the loop and if he was in the know, they could’ve set up different countermeasures. What onscreen countermeasures did you already have in place? The two of you? All you did was watch. There’s investigators now, but they’re just for show. Agent lady’s got everything figured out so they’re pointless.

One of the three punks who confronted Mimi last time admitted defeat and surrendered the spoils: a bottled drink. This should’ve been in Determination after the “performance” because it would’ve been more relevant. But you know, bathhouse.

Knocking on Ken’s door got me hyped for some 02 anything, but instead of waiting for his parents to come home, they just drop the issue entirely. Kari messaged the other 02 kids, but they didn’t respond so she just gives up. What the 02 kids are up to is never brought up again. Agent lady confirms they’re missing, but I could’ve told you that. They put this door knocking in to shut me up until the ending where I realize 02 never comes into play.

So, the Digimon can bring snacks into Izzy’s server room? I thought they couldn’t bring physical objects into it. When Agumon went in in Reunion, his disguise jacket fell off.

Izzy tries to get information out of Meiko about Meicoomon’s infection and is unsuccessful as Mimi scolds him for being insensitive. This never comes up again and the “confession” in the title surprisingly isn’t about these two.

Matt brings up the so far unrelated and irrelevant prophecy that could’ve been the cause of Vikemon and Rosemon. Never comes up again though Matt says with more Megas, they may not need Omnimon.

Not my first choice as Izzy’s clearly the most determined, but Matt tracks down the agent pair to ask the important questions. I love that someone’s finally being proactive but I don’t know if this is usually Matt’s job. Agent lady feeds him some bs about the 02 kids to make him go away.

Holyangemon! We get to see Meiko’s house? And her mom? Her favorite food? You’d think we’d have seen this long ago because this is a new character they’re trying to make us like. Any properly placed information on her personal life helps. I wonder what “jelly-filled donut equivalent” the dub will call tempura?

This whole viewing I was waiting for Meiko to take her Digivice out to show us it’s black now. How did they go the entire time without doing that? She was out of her cheerleading outfit from the start.


Sora references Tai’s Skullgreymon event which isn’t really relevant here. Meiko didn’t force Meicoomon to go bad like Tai did. Sora didn’t even bring up what Tai learned from that, just that time heals all wounds. Related in that good Digimon turned bad, but overall not a discussion that needed to be here.

Apparently, Joe has enough free time to visit Izzy’s office to clean the place up. This could’ve been any other character because I don’t think he’d give up on his studies, just make time for heroing.

Part 2

Patamon’s first sign of infection was pretty freaky, especially when he bit T.K. T.K. had the least to do and say of the Digidestined the last two installments but beyond that, making him the first of the original kids to have an infected Digimon was a good move. He lost Patamon after Devimon and for him to deal with something like that again is something the older folks can connect back to Adventure. Each time I see glimpses of infection, I get worried for these guys. It’s almost like… I… care…

People calling Sora the team’s mom and her displaying those traits were really welcome. It’s the first time I felt like she got to be herself and those scenes fit right in with her character and crest. Biyomon having a legitimate conversation with Sora was nice too. There isn’t NEARLY enough of this in tri. It’s almost like someone realized T.K. and Sora haven’t said or did anything and decided to do something about that.

Does Tai and Kari’s mom do anything in tri. besides laundry? Why even put her here if you don’t use the other parents? Awaiting a joke about her bad cooking in the dub.

Izzy’s distracted so Gabumon directs the Digimon to leave. I was SO worried about this. You couldn’t believe how angry I was thinking they were going to fool around and start the shenanigans that have become a norm in tri.

Part 3

Wait, what? The Digimon left so they wouldn’t bother Izzy and instead have an actual conversation? No shenanigans? Most unorthodox. Honestly, the DIGIMON are talking to each other about important things? I can’t believe it.

Possessed Kari randomly appears to exposit some exposition about how rebooting the Digital World will save this world though this will cause the Digimon to lose their memories. I’m a little surprised this “Homeostasis” is telling the Digimon instead of a human though to be fair, the worst human overheard. I’m all for making the Digimon more important though. It’s almost like someone said the Digimon should be more than accessories/action fodder and that the audience is supposed to care about the characters in the title.

The parts where the Digimon spend their “last moments” with their partners is really hard to watch. Rewatching it for this review, it was just as potent as the first time. tri., TRI. of all things has actually convinced me to care. What went wrong here? I can’t reconcile what I’m seeing here compared to the entirety of the last two installments. For all that they propped tri. up to be for the now adult fans of the original, I never felt they understood what that meant until now. This actually taps into my nostalgia. This invokes reactions I never thought I’d have watching this crap series. It takes a Digimon fan to be emotionally invested in scenes like these. This is what they promised and it took them three tri.’s to deliver.

They finally let Hackmon talk. It’s almost like someone said they should do something with this guy after two installments of not talking and being in the background.

Tentomon has a heart-to-heart with Izzy about how he’s not learning for the fun of it. With something at stake and his lack of knowledge being Izzy’s plight, this simply isn’t the Izzy Tentomon knows and that’s a sad sight for him. Tentomon tells Izzy of the reboot to give him hope and raise his morale. To learn not out of frustration and starting from 0 but out of knowing there’s a possibility for success. Fantastic stuff here and once again tying all of it to the person’s crest.

Part 4

I have to wonder where Meicoomon was this whole time or why it left in the first place. Not addressed since once again the bad guy does not talk, but at least this time, there’s a reason for no talking. Let me also say that this is the first installment to have an “endgame” and known bad guy/threat from that start that requires an action climax. You can argue for the other two, but if you do, this still did it better. Going in, you know who the bad guy is: Meicoomon. You know what they have to do: stop Meicoomon. Alphamon and “Ken” were not the established antagonists of their installments. They were fodder in the last ten minutes so we can have an action climax at the end. For no reason, neither of them talk. Neither action climax resulted in a major defeat/victory that mattered, progressed the story, or told us anything.

Look at Tai finally using the goggles again. It’s almost like someone remembered that the mainest character has a key accessory he should always have on him and that unlike in Adventure, they serve a relevant purpose.

What? Tai didn’t say anything about that? It’s never brought up again? Guess his dilemma was pointless and unresolved, but ditched for the good of the series.

It really frustrated me that nobody went Ultimate. We’re getting our butts kicked by this stupid cat. Oh, it can Digivolve further? Anybody want to do the same? No? Two of you? Okay… we’ll keep doing what we’re doing. It’s not even a matter of budget. They already have Lilymon and Zudomon’s Ultimate sequences. There is literally no reason not to at least let those two Digivolve. Give me a reason they aren’t Digivolving or else it looks REALLY stupid. I mean they’re fighting a Mega. Did they learn nothing from their first encounter with the Dark Masters?

I HATE that seeing the Digivices change color to indicate an Ultimate Digivolution excites me. Ultimates should be a norm, not a special event. I care more when I see an Ultimate for the first time in tri. over someone reaching Mega. That should not be the case…

Angewomon having that thick lipstick and nail polish bugs me. Thank the maker there wasn’t any jiggle like Rosemon. Then again, this isn’t the juvenile trash Determination was. Good for them. Metalgreymon got a sequence after conveniently being the only one not fully infected at the time. His infection must’ve been asleep at the wheel.

What is up with these two shots? I was not under the impression that there were other Digimon in the human world.

It’s pretty convenient that when a Digimon is fully infected, they only attack good guys. You’d think a violent being without a sound mind would rampage and attack anything in sight a la Hate Plaguers from The Return of Optimus Prime in Transformers. Would’ve really helped out if the infected started taking each other out, but because the plot needs our heroes backed into a corner, the infected only attack Metalgreymon and Kabuterimon who stupidly do not Digivolve.

The plan here is to throw the infected Digimon into Izzy’s cube to back up their data. Metalgreymon and Kabuterimon couldn’t throw a single one in… I thought Birdramon made it in which would’ve made sense with the next installment’s poster revealed, but now that I look closer… no. Metalgreymon and Kabuterimon sit there like idiots while the infected float away.

There’s a distinct lack of signature moves. Maybe half of them used them including a rapid fire Hand of Fate from infected Angemon. What a waste… He doesn’t even call out the name. I saw infected Angewomon prepare her bow, but pre-infection she didn’t use either of her moves… You know, maybe Metalgreymon and Kabuterimon would’ve done a little better if they used their projectiles. Would’ve stopped the others from tackling so much.

Other than because Tentomon’s wonderful speech means more coming from his natural state, there is no reason for Kabuterimon to get knocked back to Tentomon. I’m sure we all expected a Warp Digivolve here, but no. They just cut to Megakabuterimon’s sequence after Tentomon’s speech. I get wanting Tentomon to say these lines, but it still comes off pretty lame like somebody pulled a prank and swapped some storyboard pages.

When I saw infected Wargreymon, I thought they were going to give me an amazing battle with Herculeskabuterimon. Nope. The bigger problem here is that even feral infected Digimon are smart enough to Digivolve further regardless of Digivice and crest whereas when they’re uninfected and weaker than their enemies, they keep doing what they’re doing…

And yet again, the Mega Digivolution is so underwhelming and sloppily edited in. I’ll repeat that I felt more seeing the Digivice turn purple for Megakabuterimon. I’ll give them this. At least I can argue that Herculeskabuterimon was born from Tentomon’s speech about his bond with Izzy. I didn’t get any of that from Gomamon and Palmon in their fight. That’s a huge problem for me. Gradually improving though and I hope Phoenixmon follows suit.

This part ended quite well with Herculeskabuterimon being able to reach the others even for a few seconds. I know they’ll see their Digimon again, but it doesn’t make this any less meaningful. Good direction here with appropriate silence and tears in the Digidestined’s eyes. It’s just a shame that Megakabuterimon and Herculeskabuterimon didn’t use any attacks. You win this round, Determination.

As an aside, this is why I was so mad at bringing Ogremon back last time, but not having him shift back a little to talk to Mimi at all. Ogremon never comes up again either. That literally could’ve been any other Digimon and it wouldn’t have mattered. I don’t care that Leomon was also there. If you’re going to use Ogremon in a scene with Mimi, USE OGREMON!

Part 5

Huh? What? It’s not over? What a welcome surprise!. It’s almost like they’re apologizing for the bathhouse segment of Determination and giving me a bonus episode to make up for that. They could’ve easily ended it on the cliffhanger. Wouldn’t have been that strange with how Determination ended. Breaking the mold and transcending four episode runtimes! Now we have no idea how long the remaining installments are which could be a good thing.

We’ve known that Meiko has lived in Tai’s building since Reunion, but they never did anything with that which is strange. She could live anywhere else and nothing changes…

I don’t understand what Izzy’s talking about with the D-3s. So he wanted the Digivices to reboot with the Digital World? Why? What for? It’s not like having a D-3 is a detriment as far as he knows. It’s nice to know the D-3 didn’t also reboot, but unless there’s a reason for that, it’s irrelevant for now.



Boy, that’s gratuitous. First time I’ve seen a sinister rice ball eating scene. What exactly is your plan? It seems like she’s never legitimately surprised. Every single thing so far is “all according to keikaku”.

Wait, are we actually getting some backstory with Meiko? I think this scene could’ve easily been inserted into Determination during the bathhouse, but show an extended scene of Meicoomon coming out of the bushes with the infection here. This brings up so many questions as well. Meiko looks younger than the Adventure kids here, but is in Tai’s class now. So she got Meicoomon long before the others went to the Digital World.

Meiko knew Meicoomon was infected and said nothing. You could tell T.K. was going to hulk out on her but didn’t because he and Patamon did the same thing with their friends. You’d think that if Meiko was concerned about infecting the rest she’d try to be distant and avoid Meicoomon interacting with the others, but nope. So still technically her fault.

Agent lady has a D-Terminal and a black D-3? Does anyone want to ask where she got those? No? Okay. We’ll leave everything related to 02 for the last ten minutes of the final installment. Seriously, this is the first appearance of the D-Terminal in tri. Why? I don’t even know why she brought them. The team already has two D-3s and D-Terminals are standard issue.

I don’t know why the crests are required to enter the Digital World, but it was awesome seeing their crests behind them. It really stinks for anyone who doesn’t have a crest.

Run, Meiko, Run! Change into that school uniform and… Oh, you’re too late. It’s okay. It’s not like you have a crest to get in anyway.

Sorry, Meiko. Main characters only.

We see Alphamon is fighting Jesmon, the mega form of Hackmon. As expected, nobody talks. Nobody knows why they’re fighting. Best looking fight in Confession though.

They meet the In-trainings of their Digimon who don’t remember them. The whistle is strange because even though Kari had one and it ties into the first Digimon movie, none of the Digimon have a connection with it. Meicoomon is in its normal state and remembers Meiko. We see that Ken was a young Gennai in disguise and is working with agent lady.

I can speculate quite a bit here. So “Gennai” didn’t get rebooted. Why is he masquerading as Ken? What purpose did looking like Ken serve when he was lurking in the human world in Determination? If it wasn’t really Ken anyway, couldn’t they have made him talk in Determination? It wouldn’t have mattered what he said because it wasn’t the real Ken. The mystery would still be there and this reveal would’ve been a bigger twist. Agent man who’s not fully informed was the one who said the agency was getting information from Gennai. Was it this guy? Perhaps this Gennai is the result of that black orb Piedmon shoved into him in the post-Puppetmon flashback in Adventure, something that went unexplained there. Is this perhaps a Gennai clone from 02? My guess is as good as yours.


Ultimate Reflections:
Did someone realize something went horribly wrong with the first two and fired the bathhouse guy? Did someone step up after realizing what pieces of trash were getting put out and went back to the drawing board? These are things I’d really like to know because this went above and beyond my expectations after Reunion and Determination. This is more or less EXACTLY what an anniversary sequel should set out to do. I cared about the characters. I cared about what was going on. The Digimon all got screentime and were utilized fantastically. The bond between Digimon and partner was a huge focus. I felt like they understood the characters and what made Adventure good. I really hope they take this momentum and run with it especially now that they’re in the Digital World and have to reconnect with their Digimon. I’m actually looking forward to the next one which was not my attitude going into this.

This was not perfect by any means. A lot of the same problems are still here. The pacing was certainly better this time, but the beginning dragged just a bit. Not everybody Digivolves to Ultimate for no logical reason. 02 kids are STILL too ambiguous for my liking to the point where they seem like nuisances the writers don’t want to address, but know they’ll eventually have to. I still don’t care about or like Meiko despite them finally trying. She’s not even in the ending sequence. Still, the good they did was really good and somewhat outweighs the bad continuing trends. 02 most of all because that’s simply bad writing.

Like with Determination, I’ll be writing another post to go more into detail as the review itself is enough for this post. Please check out that one out too.

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