Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 (Future Trunks Arc #12)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 (Future Trunks Arc #11)

Okay, so they actually address why nobody used any Senzu last time. Goku left them in the bathroom… I was speechless. I could not believe how stupid this was. Somebody wrote this. Somebody got this passed and greenlit for voicing and animation. This has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve seen of late. So much so that I will repeat that I could not believe how stupid this was. Why? Why would any writer write this? It doesn’t add any tension as I questioned last time where the beans were. It isn’t funny or clever. They really could’ve died and if they died in the future, no Dragon Balls to bring them back. So why? They didn’t return to the past due to a lack of Senzu Beans. It was the only option Mai had. They wouldn’t have won if they had the Senzu Beans. They’d just have to retreat. At least have Zamasu or Black destroy the Beans if you were going to send them back to the past anyway. I was under the impression Korin had more when Goku was there so they’d still get fixed up. It’s not maximum effort. It’s not minimum effort. It’s not even minimal effort.


Don’t care for this early section of the episode being an exposition dump for other characters. It’s pointless for the audience. All those non-participating characters knowing this information doesn’t move anything along.

I don’t even know why Beerus and Whis came when it was Supreme Kai who got the information about Zuno. Beerus talks like he’s interested in the plot, but doesn’t actually take real action. I get that that’s not his job, so what is his job? Go do that instead of being the intrusive irritant you are. Sure, he and Whis investigated the time rings from different universes, but what was the point? He’s technically interfering, but isn’t actually going to do anything. It’s why he doesn’t work as a mainer than side character. He shows up so often to basically do nothing of value. I feel like anything Whis said here could’ve easily been put together with the earth characters and Supreme Kai. Surely Trunks and Bulma being the smarter characters here could work it all out and Goku brought up the Super Dragon Balls before Whis finished. Beerus is certainly not going to the future to help defeat Black and Zamasu, so get him out here.

I don’t remember if the Super Dragon Balls had any limitations other than the one year wait and scattering after activation. Asking it to simply create a being as strong as pre-Super Saiyan Rose Black is a pretty big deal. I guess creation isn’t out of the question as Shenron gave Pilaf and friends money, but something like Black? Sure, I guess. I’ll buy that more than this next part.

Whis theorizes that Zamasu’s plan was to use the Super Dragon Balls to create Black, use a time ring to skip the year-long wait, then use a second wish for immortality. Why he didn’t wish for immortality first to make sure he’ll live to gather the Balls again to make the second wish I can’t explain.

Also, it’s clear that the Zamasu of this timeline hasn’t done anything with the Super Dragon Balls yet. Despite being brought up, there is still no evidence to support that changing the current timeline will affect Trunks’. Everything being established points to Zamasu’s plan being carried out in Trunks’ timeline. Why would he carry out this exact plan in Trunks’ timeline? Future Goku died long before he could’ve met Future Zamasu to get on his bad side. I don’t doubt that Zamasu would still hate “humans” eventually, but to make Black in the image of Goku, someone he’s never met and is from a completely different universe doesn’t make sense. Heck, even Zamasu making Black terrorize Universe 7 doesn’t make sense because he’s from Universe 10. Why Universe 7? Because it happens to be the universe the audience is watching? Future Zamasu certainly talks like he knows Goku, but he’s not the Zamasu Goku met, so why would he hate him? Unless I’m just supposed to accept that Goku meeting Zamasu post Buu made Future Zamasu hate someone he never could’ve met or lose in a fight to because he died (post Yardrat Goku). Is this supposed to be the part that justifies that events in the past can change the future even if it’s an alternate timeline? Because that literally doesn’t make sense.

Ultimate Reflections:
Hate to say it, but now that things are being revealed, the show’s getting worse. They had a part of me hooked with the mystery. The padding and slice of life certainly wasn’t keeping me around, but this mystery is looking stupid. I’m hoping Zamasu’s plan isn’t exactly as Whis laid it out. It’d be a lame and lazy way to end a mystery that’s been keeping people on the edge of their seat for months to just say “The Dragon Balls did it”.


2 thoughts on “Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 (Future Trunks Arc #12)

  1. Yeah. I haven’t been impressed with this saga either. The fighting wasn’t even close to what you’d see in Z and a lot of unnecessary time spent with characters. You’d figure they’d take the Z Kai route and streamline it but I guess they’re trying to really milk it. But I think they’re trying to get at Future Trunks disrupting the timeline (again). Remember when Goku was supposed to have a heart attack and it happened earlier than it was supposed to? Also, Goku wouldn’t have met Zamasu if it wasn’t for Trunks coming back and causing a chain of events. So I think the Future Zamasu was created from what Goku wanting to fight him and when Black and Zamasu start traveling it probably caused a time loop across all universes.

    • Thank you for reading.

      I definitely agree that the fighting’s not up to par, but it’s clear there is neither the budget nor care that a lot of the Z anime had. Super’s pacing is better than Z in general, but I’m still feeling the drag and padding.

      I feel like this is a different situation than Goku’s heart disease not lining up and Androids 19/20. Future Trunks appearing the first time made the current timeline different than the one he lived through, but nothing that happened in the current timeline had an effect on Trunks’ timeline. I think what you’re trying to say is that Trunks’ timeline shifted because of his trips to the “past”? That’s never happened before despite him taking three trips, only the reverse. I guess the writers made this fourth trip magically be the one to do that if you’re right. They also just took a fifth trip as well if that has any repercussions.

      What’s happening in Super is that a character in Future Trunks’ timeline seems to have met a character he could not have in that timeline unless they’re going to say that Zamasu met Goku before the heart virus killed him which at that point Zamasu probably could’ve defeated pre-Androids Goku in a fight so he wouldn’t be all that interested. I don’t even know how or why Goku would get to Zamasu. Zamasu would’ve come to hate “humans” regardless, but not so much Goku though this is just conjecture on my part. Things could’ve unfolded differently if this meeting happened. I’m just trying to say the two meeting in Trunks’ timeline is very unlikely.

      I think they’re establishing that alternate timelines is still a thing, but also introducing (stupidly) that changing the past affects the future which they mention a few times. They don’t even talk about alternate timelines anymore, but bring up Goku meeting Zamasu as a catalyst instead.

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