Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 (Future Trunks Arc #11)

Late again!

Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 (Future Trunks Arc #10)

Man, Vegeta’s looking pretty messed up. Too bad they didn’t bring any Senzu with them knowing the future didn’t have any. I mean it’s not like Goku took more than the one he needed for Future Trunks when he showed up injured and the animators specifically drew how many he took.



Vegeta becomes unconscious, but Trunks knows Vegeta’s not dead because he can feel his energy. Too bad he magically forgot he had this ability when Mai “died”.

Zamasu called Goku “Saiyan” instead of “human’ a few times. That’s nice, but I hate the inconsistency.

It’s interesting that Zamasu can fight somewhat evenly with Super Saiyan Blue Goku. I guess he could’ve gotten stronger, but it’s still a little jarring to see him fight evenly with such a high level Goku. I definitely don’t like that Trunks got a good hit in on Goku Black. That’s a near impossibility… It makes more sense that Trunks can handle Zamasu especially if it was the Zamasu we met that fought Goku but with Zamasu doing pretty well against Blue Goku before, this makes little sense. I want Trunks to be relevant, but not because a wizard did it.

It was awesome to see Trunks use Final Flash, but I hated the execution. The first Final Flash from Vegeta in the Z anime was disgustingly long, but you could tell it was a grand moment and were it not for Cell’s regeneration, it established that Vegeta could kill Cell. If Vegeta hit Cell’s whole body, world saved and his idiocy in letting Cell become perfect negated. Here, it could’ve been any generic energy attack and it wouldn’t have mattered. To see Trunks master one of his father’s moves but have it amount to nothing is wasteful and unnecessary. Should’ve just used Burning Attack or repeated Vegeta’s situation with Cell. At least do huge damage to Zamasu only for him to show his immortal-ness.

Finally confirmation that Goku Black can use the Kamehameha. I don’t recall him ever actually saying or launching one. Feel free to correct me. Though it’s hard to believe that taking a Kamehameha from Black didn’t do more damage to our heroes. Not too impressive.

Yajirobe drags the two away after Vegeta’s distracts our villains with a Final Flash. As our villains are about to destroy Vegeta, the resistance uses smoke can launchers on them. Their one weakness! It’s not like they can just sense Vegeta’s energy or blast two steps in front of them. I guess they’re bad at sensing energy because they say they’re sensing too many humans. I feel like ANYBODY else in this series who can do this can pick out three Saiyans despite all the humans. Oh well, because the plot needs our heroes to escape, the bad guys are bad at it.

I don’t know how Mai got the three of them into the time machine, but she did! Must’ve used maximum effort.

Did… did I just see Black use Instant Transmission to get to the time machine before it left? The shot was from behind but it certainly looked like it. If that’s true, it’s kind of an important detail to nonchalantly throw in here. Granted, he can use the Kamehameha, but another Instant Transmission user… you’d think it would’ve come up before.

Our heroes escape and Zamasu says they’ll be back. Until then the two will keep destroying the earth. Which is it, dude? If you destroy the place, they’ll have nowhere to return. By power creep standards, if Kid Buu could blow up the earth, Black could easily do so if he wanted to. Mission complete! But he doesn’t because… Bubbles wrote their plan. Black destroyed the time machine before stranding Trunks in the past, but… now they want them to come back? I’m so confused. This isn’t even a time travel thing. What’s the plan here, guys?

I’m also pretty disappointed that they’re already back in the past. I thought we’d spend a little longer in the future because I’ve had way too much of the past with nothing happening. Now they have to refuel the time machine which I hope doesn’t take too long. I don’t want to see any recuperation. Just eat some Senzu and be done with it.

Our Zamasu’s still figuring out what his plan is. Hopefully it makes more sense than Zamasu of the future’s. He breaks into the place Bulma and Jaco went to before to ask about the Super Dragon Balls. It could be that he’s looking for immortality, but he could easily use the regular Dragon Balls for that. I assume each universe has them but I could be wrong.

Ultimate Reflections:
This was a good episode for action. I just had to pick at all the things I noticed. I don’t like that the villain’s plan so far doesn’t make any sense based on previous events. That’s not even an issue with not knowing all the details yet. Why did Black destroy the time machine if future Zamasu wants to kill Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta? The Goku in that timeline was already dead. Black assumed that Trunks wouldn’t be able to return, so how would he ever get to kill Trunks let alone the other two?


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