Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 (Future Trunks Arc #10)

Same-day review? Most unorthodox.

Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 (Future Trunks Arc #9)

After a third of the episode being exposition and imagery of gloom and doom, we find out Yajirobe’s alive. Makes me wonder why they haven’t shown Roshi, Oolong, and Puar as they were hiding out in a submarine in History of Trunks. I find it really random that Korin died since he never leaves the tower. Would the Androids actually fly ALL the way up there just in case there’s something to destroy? Seems like a convenient way to write out the Senzu even if it helps push how bad Trunks’ future was. And really, does it matter that Yajirobe’s alive? The story would play out the same if he wasn’t. He didn’t die a hero, but he isn’t living as one either.

Oh, Trunks doesn’t have that kind of relationship with Mai? As I’ve said in another episode’s review I don’t know why they’re making this ambiguous. Whoever wrote this pairing into the show and forced it into the future as well is probably chuckling at how clever he thinks he’s being. You know darn well that person wants it to happen. Just get on with it so I can put it behind me.

Wow, reusing TWO of the new eyecatches back to back? Impressive.

We see Black’s talking like Zamasu waaay more than usual. Constantly calling and referring to people as “human”. I don’t think he did this that much in the earlier episodes. Oh wait, he didn’t at all. He actually called Trunks a Saiyan. Almost like it’s a rush job to connect him to Zamasu now that we know who he is. Doesn’t mean Black is Zamasu but calling the three Saiyans human is a clear contradiction. The mystery’s still there. Nobody knows who/what Black is so there’s no need to alter the way Black speaks to force the perhaps irrelevant connection.

With this reveal, it turns out I’m right. There really is no reason for Black to talk like Zamasu and call the Saiyans “human” because Black isn’t Zamasu, at least for now. Zamasu descends from the sky declaring that he will kill Goku. Why that is I hope we’ll find out. It’s not like Goku himself represents the “humans” in their war-like activities nor did Zamasu’s first appearance display that he’d want to murder Goku. It should be noted that this Zamasu has a green earring.

Zamasu says he remembers Goku like he declared after their meeting. So… this is an alternate timeline where the past can also affect it? Or is this the Zamasu we’ve seen before and tons of things happened offscreen since last episode?

The preview shows Trunks is going to fight Zamasu. That’s fine I suppose. For all I’ve complained that short of bad writing giving Trunks Super Saiyan Blue, I didn’t consider that Trunks would just fight someone else who’s more his level. Story-wise it makes more sense for him to take out Black, but the supposed mastermind works too.

Ultimate Reflections:
Half the episode was pretty boring. I wish that right when they arrived in the time machine, they cut to when they notify Black. Things are looking up as we’re really getting into the plot.


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