Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 (Future Trunks Arc #9)


Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 (Future Trunks Arc #8)

It seems they’re really pushing this Kai and God of Destruction connection. Beerus explains that if this universe’s Supreme Kai dies, so will he. This is either a stupid and irrelevant detail nobody needed to know or our Supreme Kai will randomly die for no reason a la Resurrection ‘F’ where Whis explains how he can turn back time and conveniently does it to give Goku the kill.

Beyond that, within the lore of the show, this needs some more clarification. The Supreme Kai we all know is of the east. The other three were killed/absorbed by Buu. Then we have the Grand Supreme Kai who was eaten by Buu. It’s different if Beerus said all the Supreme Kais need to die. What a bad deal though. 4-5 Kais need to die for one Beerus to? Also, how does the old Kai factor in? Still alive while stuck in the Z Sword, but gave up his life to Goku essentially dying. Does he not count? Which Kai is Beerus talking about? I can only assume our east Supreme Kai, but why the east one specifically? Because he’s conveniently the only one left on the job?

This connection between Kai and God of Destruction is irritating me a bit because this wasn’t planned since Z and is really forced despite these titles in Japanese translating out to being opposites. I suppose in a lot of fiction, if there is something like a God of Destruction/Creation, you can assume the other probably exists. Even so, nobody really needed or asked for this connection. I also don’t like how horribly weak the Kais are in comparison to Beerus. Granted, he’s a “destruction” god, but it’s not very yin-yang if the Kais are insects in comparison.

Goku, Whis, and Supreme Kai visit Zeno’s place. Goku doesn’t comment at all on the appearance of the Whis-like character. What a waste. Whis mentions this guy’s one of the top five strongest in any universe, but unless him being of Whis’ race factors in later, he literally could’ve been given any other design.

Zamasu and Gowasu are still watching the “human” planet they went to last time. One of them tries to attack the two, but Zamasu cuts the guy in half. I’m surprised as I haven’t seen something that “violent” in Dragon Ball for a while especially with how Kai was edited. Zamasu keeps getting more interesting as he defects from his teachings. He’s really the only “character” here and I still don’t know that much about him.

Zeno is pretty amusing with him threatening everybody but Goku. Though my dislike of Beerus’ temperament may kick in here if this guy keeps it up. Do we need two of these guys running around? I don’t like that he gave Goku a cheat code to summon him, but I suppose if it’s used well later, it’s fine.

The time machine’s finally done, but Trunks only takes Goku and Vegeta? How boring. There goes my theory that they’ll perform the Super Saiyan God ritual with Trunks for the red version.

When they arrive in the future, Trunks immediately puts the time machine away so no one can blow it up. Good Trunks. But he’s wearing his General White sweater and didn’t bring his jacket. Bad Trunks.

Trunks finds Mai’s hat and the three are attacked by… guns. What a cliffhanger. They could’ve just ended it on Mai’s hat revealing to Trunks that her body was moved/destroyed.

The preview seems promising. Vegeta fights Black using Blue right off the bat. You know, what Goku should’ve done from the start. What bugs me about this is Vegeta spent some time “training” Trunks which becomes pointless if Vegeta’s going to fight Black anyway. The red Super Saiyan God is off the table for Trunks too. Short of Vegeta giving Trunks the kill after beating Black up, that pep talk was filler.

Trunks is the only one I don’t see fighting in the preview. Doesn’t mean he won’t, but how much would he contribute? I will say that it’s nice seeing Goku use Blue in his classic outfit. I don’t really like that they spoil Super Saiyan Rose in the preview. Granted, there were images going around already, but I’m tired of anime for younger viewers giving away big reveals in the preview prior to them happening. Yu-Gi-Oh! is super guilty of this. American cartoons don’t need previews.

Of course Rose will be what makes Black the threat he should’ve been from the start. The problem is that due to bad writing, Goku didn’t defeat Black before and now he’s back with Rose. At least Goku had… some excuse to not defeat Fat Buu in their first encounter. What’s his excuse here? Black’ll probably explain how he got Rose, but let’s never forget who gave him the chance…

Ultimate Reflections:
Wasn’t a terrible episode. They added some sloppy lore at the beginning, but any information on Zamasu is welcome and we’re finally back to what people are here for.


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