Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 (Future Trunks Arc #8)

Only one week late!

Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 (Future Trunks Arc #7)

Future Trunks is image training to prepare for another Goku Black encounter. Turns out he’d lose because he recklessly charges Black with his sword and doesn’t turn Super Saiyan anything. Your loss might have something to do with that.

After more Pilaf tomfoolery that amounts to nothing, Goku, Beerus, and Whis come back to say Zamasu (at least currently) is not Goku Black. Future Trunks having heard Goku could defeat Zamasu easily and has fought with Beerus causes him to think Goku could simply defeat Black instead. Vegeta doesn’t like this and tells Trunks to train with him.

Gowasu and Zamasu are watching the violent nature of a new species. They refer to them as human-like so perhaps anything with the head, arms, and legs set up they call humans. Poorly explains why Zamasu kept calling Goku a human despite knowing he’s a Saiyan. Zamasu suggests that they destroy this species but Gowasu doesn’t like the idea.

Random new eyecatch showing Vegeta teaching Trunks how to do Galick Gun.

Hope that’s something to come. While everyone in this series trains with each other, so few of them learn techniques from each other except the Kamehameha. Gohan learned Masenko from Piccolo and in some media including Super, Future Trunks can do it having learned it from Future Gohan. Goku’s super stingy with his techniques, creates none himself, and steals/learns everyone else’s. Only thing he taught to Gohan was the Kamehameha which isn’t even his. At least Piccolo makes up his own moves.

Gowasu explains that changing the past alters the future so I guess that’s just a thing now. If I understand correctly, the green rings represent alternate timelines that have been created. So Z’s “time travel” still exists but regular time travel also does. I’m glad they addressed it but having both just really complicates things… and I don’t trust the writers to do this well.

So apparently the Ring of Time can only take you to the future and back which contradicts what Black did to visit “our time”. Oops maybe? Black wasn’t using a green ring which represents alternate timelines, but the process then was different from what we saw here.

Gowasu explains that his green earrings are for Supreme Kais. Zamasu has orange which is for apprentices. It could be because this is a different universe but our Supreme Kai and Old Kai have yellow but are the same rank as Gowasu. Kibito has some kind of turquoise. When Supreme Kai and Kibito fuse, they get yellow earrings. Gohan got blue with his Kai outfit. The important detail here is that Goku Black’s earring is green.

After earring swapping as only a Supreme Kai can use Rings of Time, Zamasu and Gowasu yell “Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy unite!” and travel 1000 years ahead to check on the violent species. It’s kind of lame that all you need is one earring. Way too easy to cheat the rings.

They arrive and see that while the species has moved towards civilization, they’re still easily provoked into violence. I suppose this backfired for Gowasu because seeing this only reinforced Zamasu’s beliefs.

We get a flashback to Future Trunks and Vegeta’s time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. As there wasn’t any footage of this training in Z, they had to draw new stuff and it actually looked good this time.

Trunks tells Vegeta to attack him with Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta laughs and turns into Super Saiyan Blue. I don’t know what he’s laughing about. Sure, 3 is nothing compared to Blue, but when you think about it, Kakarot will always have that achievement over you, Vegeta.

Vegeta tells Trunks to land one hit on him to win. Trunks transforms into Super Saiyan 1.75. Vegeta feels insulted that Trunks is using it. Vegeta attacks Trunks and Trunks shrinks himself to 1 or 2 to regain his speed. I honestly can’t tell with Trunks which is which.

If Trunks did this around Cell Games and made Super Saiyan a natural state like Goku, this would seem really smart and a good way to catch an opponent with knowledge of 1.75 off guard. Here, it’s simply bad writing. Vegeta knows Trunks can turn Super Saiyan 2. For our “tactical” fighter, he should know something’s fishy if Trunks is using 1.75. But because we need a reason for Trunks to not seem like garbage in this one-sided session, Vegeta just charges like an idiot.

This reinforces Trunks’ belief that he doesn’t need to do anything. Two Super Saiyan Blues is more than enough to defeat Goku Black. Vegeta gets mad and give Trunks a pep talk the best way he can. Trunks headbutts an off guard Vegeta and says he’ll surpass his father and Black. You might think that this is a nice father and son moment. To me, it’s somewhat unnecessary. Vegeta doesn’t actually train Trunks or teach him anything.

If it were up to me, I’d attempt to do the Super Saiyan God ritual and give Trunks the red version. Granted, Gohan or Pan would have to be around, but short of Trunks magically getting Blue for no reason, this is the easiest and simplest solution. We never saw Vegeta do the ritual and after two versions of Resurrection ‘F’, both had Vegeta and Goku getting Blue offscreen. Even if Trunks gets Blue for no reason, I don’t have confidence that the writers will let Trunks defeat Black. History has always let Goku steal the kill. This was a major concern to me before this arc aired. Trunks needs to be relevant, but without Blue he simply isn’t unless bad writing’s involved. If they at least give him the red version, he’ll have his moment and can easily defeat Black. It also makes sense in-story versus giving him Blue without doing Whis’ training.

The episode ends with Zeno calling Beerus and Whis saying he wants to see Goku.

The preview shows our Supreme Kai (finally…) and introduces another Whis-like being. Hope it’s interesting and plot-related.

Ultimate Reflections:
I’m more interested in Zamasu and Gowasu’s scenes now, especially since we haven’t cut to Black in a few episodes. Everything else is just padding that doesn’t mean much. I’m sure many will disagree and say they enjoy it just fine. It’s just that the story isn’t really moving. Is this better than Z’s pacing most of the time? Absolutely. The time machine not being ready is still an excuse to stall the story. Zamasu is the most interesting thing in Super right now and was the main takeway this episode.

Really late on these episodes, but after this we’ll be back to our regularly unscheduled programming.


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