Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 (Future Trunks Arc #7)

Only two weeks late!

Last episode’s review:
Prime Reactions Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 (Future Trunks Arc #6)

Why they decide to visit Universe 10’s Supreme Kai instead of starting with their own I don’t understand. You’d think they’d start with 7’s Supreme Kai but in the interest of plot, let’s not do the obvious thing.

The setting here is pretty lazy. I get that it’s more effort to write/animate… well, anything. It’s just a shame that we visit an entirely different universe but don’t get to see what makes this one unique.

So, since when do the Kai+ folks create? Because Gods of Destruction are a thing now? Kais certainly observe but I was never under the impression that they’re the opposite of Beerus and his ilk. Even if in Japanese the job translates out to God of Creation, I don’t ever recall creation coming into play.

While I’ve seen it before in fiction, in the context of what’s going on here I like how Zamasu doesn’t like what he’s seeing from the humans. It in some way adds to Kai lore as this way of thinking isn’t common. While King and Supreme Kai certainly intervene, they do it to save worlds. They don’t start thinking about what races are causing trouble and question their existence.

Gowasu has the same earring color as Goku Black while Zamasu doesn’t.

Goku was really annoying here as he constantly bugs Zamasu for a fight. I mean, what else is he going to do? Help?

I got my scene of Trunks interacting with 18. Not a bad moment. Didn’t expect much, but it was on my wish list.

Is this some ripoff of a flux capacitor?

Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a time-space gyroscope… How silly of me.

Sigh… irrelevant Pilaf shenanigans.

Gowasu claims that Goku’s power as a Super Saiyan (2 probably) rivals Beerus’ based on this fight? Can he even check power levels? Or could Goku just start using Blue so the fights matter more and these statements hold true? Between Goku’s fights with Black and Zamasu, they’re not very interesting because he’s not going all out. It’s not even a challenge for him if he can fight evenly or better using Super Saiyan 1 and/or 2.

Next episode Future Trunks trains with Vegeta though I don’t see the point unless it’s to help Trunks unlock Blue which would be silly. Trunks uses Super Saiyan 1.75 pointlessly as he has 2 now. I guess they have to give Trunks something to do as long as they keep using the time machine being not done to stall the story.


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